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8 Instagrammable spots in Orlando

by Katharina Tomé  from United States

Photo-ops are definitely a key to having a perfect vacation! Orlando, Fl is known as the home to happiest place on earth (DISNEY WORLD), but pictures with , mickey mouse shaped ice creams and Cinderella’s castle are so last year! Living in Orlando for most of my life, I’ve pretty much cracked the code on how to get those oh so Instagram worthy pictures! So in today’s post, I am going to be sharing with you 8 Instagrammable spots in Orlando that will make all your friends #withtheywereyou

1. Lake Eola Park

From the fun, swan shaped boats available to ride on the lake to the adorable farmers market on the weekends, Lake Eola Park is definitely considered “Instagram Worthy”. Since we’re talking about Florida here, we all know its hot there about 99.9% of the time…which means its the perfect weather to buy a Popsicle or fresh coconut water from local stands! I know right, feeling so #cantwait4summer !!

2. City Walk Universal

Why pay hundreds of dollars to get into Universal for cute pictures when you can just go to City Walk? City Walk is filled with so many adorable stores, restaurants, and souvenir shops! Local ice cream shops and sports bar are always a nice addition to the trip! So make sure to take a Boomerang of you and the girls eating ice cream cones or sipping on a cold drinks with a nice tan in the Florida heat! #tanlinesfordayz

3. Blue Springs Park

Blue Springs, a national park located on the St. John’s river just outside of Orlando, has crystal clear, blue water and is a designated manatee refugee. What’s not to love about this place!  You can take tube rides, go scuba diving and kayaking down the river and catch a glimpse of some manatees in their natural habitat! #YouHadMeAtManatees

4. Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake

Pretty trees, petting zoo, and Frisbee golf course galore! Pictures won’t be the only reason you go to Turkey Lake! This is a well known spot for photographers because of the pretty canopy that trees provide! Relax on one of the many picnic table near the lake, have a meal and just enjoy the scenery! Check out their website for more details on park features!

5. Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal

Definitely one of the cutest photo op places on this list! By day and night, you are guaranteed to get the cutest of cutest pictures with your friends at the this totally free Orlando hot spot! Made to look like the real Portofino Bay in Italy, the colorful buildings and boats add a beautiful pop of color to your vacation photos!

*hint: take the free boat ride to City Walk Universal and make it a two in one trip!*

6. Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL

If you’ve ever seen a Hallmark channel movie, then you are very familiar with this scenario. Cute, tiny street filled with tons of cute and tiny shops and boutiques! Rain or shine, no weather can dull how adorable your pics will be with Park Avenue in the background! Check out their city website for events going on when you’re in town!  #OhSoHollywood

Catch a ride on the giant Ferris wheel, take a tour of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, or visit the Sea Life Aquarium… but no matter what you choose, your promised some insta-worthy pics out of this trip! Stay till later to watch the sunset from 400 ft in the air or take a selfie with Beyonce! Your friends will go crazy for all the adorable pics and will be left feeling so #Jelly !

8. Downtown Disney

By night or day, you are guaranteed the Disney World vibes at Downtown Disney…but without the “hole in your wallet” kind of feeling! Totally free to get in, Downtown Disney has so many souvenir shops, ice cream parlors (including my favorite: Ghirardelli*) , and restaurants! You can even buy a ticket at the BOATHOUSE to ride this incredibly unique vehicle called the Amphicar. If you’re a little confused what this is then please let me have the honors to introduce you to this mind blowing concept! The Amphicar is a car that drives on land AND rides in the water! C’mon! Those would be some epic photos right! Not only this, but Downtown Disney also has live music on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays nights! So if you’re ever in the Orlando area, make sure you check this place out!

Thanks so much for reading! If anyone has any other suggestions or places to add make sure to comment them down below so we can check them out!


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