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Hipster City Guide To Antwerp

by Selma Yilmaz Vega  from Spain

Antwerp by Selma Yilmaz Vega

Do you always see those BORING posts where everyone acts the same as if their travel guide is “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE” to Takatukaland or wherever? Yeh, well I am sick of reading those because guess what it ISN’T the ultimate guide. But they are good to read through and get ideas for your trip of course. Anyway, I thought I will show you something different and give you the HIPSTER Guide to Antwerp.

Now that we have cleared this useless question, let’s start with this awesome useless guide that everybody will love. Jokes! But honestly, I still hope you do.
You guys know that I usually don’t write about fashion but I thought if we want to do it the right way, let
s do it from A – Z!

What to wear
It doesn’t matter what you wear. Nobody gives a crap. But make sure it is form a second hand store. It needs to look effortlessly thrown together with things that don’t work.together.
But the ultimate must have to be a Hipster is?
*Drum roll please* I have the feeling this is exciting.
Without a fancy hat you are nobody. Ok?
Got it? Write it down. Now that we have covered that.
Let’s get to the most important part. The food!

Where to eat
Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch
Yes, for all 3 important meals of the day I recommend you to go to “Cereal Heaven”.
What is better than getting the best and most huge variation of cereals.
Mix your own bowl. Add ice cream, add sprinkles. Do whatever you want with it, but make it good!

For dinner
It is a little gem that barely anyone knows about. And what is more precious to Hipsters than anything not mainstream? Indulge yourself in fingerlicking good Asian Food.
Price Range: $
I find it super cheap there and honestly? The check could ask for much more money.
Not sure about this?
Well check out these Tripadvisor Reviews 🙂

Maurice Cafe and Knits
I am not even f***g kidding you right now. This is Hipster HEAVEN! Everybody with cool clothes, and those fancy hats working on their Apple Macs and eating a toastie for 15 Euros which I make myself for 1.50 Euro.
It even has a store combined on the inside.

Go on the MAS (Museeum aan de Stroom) rooftop for a 360∞ view and take a pretty picture of yourself, because isn’t it important to take a damn selfie? (Don’t be shocked, I’ll show you one of myself – Not on the rooftop because my nipples were icecubes up there, that’s how cold it was)

Take a picture in front of the Graffiti Wall.
Do you know that famous pink wall in L.A? Yes, a stupid pink wall can be famous. But guess what. How can you walk around like a Hipster here and not take a picture in front of it?
I didn’t know that it existed until I have been advised by some locals about some cools things to do in Antwerp.
Yes I haven’t taken a picture there yet BUT now that I am trying to make my base here I will update this post as soon as I took a picture there. This is where you can find it.
It neighbourhood Zurenborg. It starts in the Krugerstraat and goes all the way to the Minkelersstraat.

The Recollaction
I kind of love this store but I am also a LITTLE bit bored of it. Only because it is so plain. Well their website at least.
But I love the things they have and I understand why this alternative store is so popular between Hipsters.
Have a look at it and I am sure you will understand too.
Address: Kloosterstraat 54 ó 2000 Antwerp ó Belgium

The neighbour hoods
“Het Zuid”

This is THE neighbourhood to go to. “None mainstream” fashion designers. Everything is expensive and so “alternative”. It is also full of art galleries and museums which you should visit or not during the day and thriving and magnetic bars and restaurants at night.

Het Eilandje
Or “The little island”. This neighbourhood has gone from rough and scruffy to magnetic and artistic.
Funky Sculptures crawling up on buildings and the outstanding MAS museum with an amazing 360∞.

These are the MOST Hipster things to do in Antwerp.
However, if you need some other cool things of activities to do and things to see please don’t hesitate to contact me and I try to get back to you ASAP with a great itinerary for you.

You can read more by Selma Yilmaz Vega on samandvega.co.uk

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