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Where no one’s been

by Josué Bars from Costa Rica

Video by Josué Bars

I live in a small town called CopaBuena, it is surrounded by many mountains, many of which can be reached by road, a few days ago I was lying in my bed thinking if I was going to ride a bicycle to one of those mountains, I always like to go out In the afternoon to appreciate the sunset of some place high, I was making a very nice afternoon, I decided to overcome the laziness and go out to explore, I went to a place I did not know very close to Mi Pueblo, I started to pedal and climb a lot, A part where you could see all My People, but later I could see a higher place, I was very tired but I made the attempt to arrive, the

The road was no longer called a “road” if it was not a trellis of land with many holes, when it arrives, I will be without words, I will only breathe deeply, that place was beautiful, not because of the conditions in which I was, but because of the View that I had, in front I could see the mountains of the other province, behind fog and more mountains, to been one of the places that I most enchanted and left a sweet taste inside, there are few places which make you feel special in This great world, special places for everyone, even if they are easy or difficult to access

Enjoy the places, take care of them and explore more !!

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