Hoboh - Ohio, so much to discover
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Ohio, so much to discover

by Cody Clark  from USA

Old State Park by Cody Clark

Ohio has many unknown gems, hidden attributes and a rich history in flight, aeronautics, sports and politics. Remembered by many as the Mistake By The Lake, and Believeland; Ohio holds many hidden treasures in it’s beautiful landscapes, gorgeous country roads and National parks often overlooked.

Quail Hollow by Cody Clark

In the small township of Portage Lakes Ohio exist many lesser known areas to explore, From Old State Park, and Firestone State Park, to the serene Cuyahoga National Park located nearby.

Clock Tower by Cody Clark

Outside this cozy township lies the cozier areas of amish country, teeming with rolling hills and forrests, one of which includes Quail Hollow State Park, in Hartville Ohio.

Portage Lakes by Cody Clark

Further south resides the town of Athens, home to an adventurers dream of intense hiking and breathtaking camping at Hocking Hills State Park. Of course there is Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, but for a smaller city vibe, Akron is a great place to explore.

Lock The King by Cody Clark

You may find yourself lucky enough to run into the proud Akron native, King James himself (though probably not).

Portage Lake by Cody Clark

So whether you’re coming to Ohio just to visit, or are planning a trip here, be sure to stop our many impressive and ever-growing collection of Breweries such as Hoppin Frog, Jackie O’s, Thirsty Dog and Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Hocking Hills by Cody Clark

Take in the stunning scenery while enjoying wine at a vineyard, or explore our small towns on the lakes.

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