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United States, about last City

by Helena Diaz  from Honduras

So, you are planning to visit some new city in United States, I would personally recommend Washington DC, Maryland and New York. These three cities have beautiful places to visit, such as museums or restaurants, and I can promise you’ll have a different experience in each place.

Washington Dc, Georgetown Cupcakes by Helena Diaz

Places to eat

Bertucci’s at Washington D.C

This beautiful Italian restaurant is located in 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, is a most. It offers a family friendly environment, and offers the best handmade pizza’s I had while in Washington. If you love pastas, or just want to have a nice time with friends I would recommend this place.

Washington DC, Captain Cookie by Helena Diaz

Captain Cookie & the Milkman at Washington D.C

Also, located at 2000 Pennsylvania, this is a nice place for an afternoon dessert. They offer cookies or ice cream sandwiches. Their cookies are made from scratch, and you can tell from the moment from you enter the local, the smell of the fresh batch being cooked. I would recommend (If you are only having the cookies and not the ice cream sandwich) to grab a bottle of milk and go to a nice park and enjoy them.

Washington Harbor by Helena Diaz

Georgetown Cupcakes at Washington D.C

As the name says it, the famous store is located in Georgetown. The tiny shop, whose famous for the T.V series, DC Cupcakes, offers a variety of delicious and unique cupcakes and drinks. They have a choice for everyone, from gluten-free cupcakes to vegan cupcakes. I seriously recommend having at least one cupcake on your trip, they are worth every penny.

New York, Empire State Building by Helena Diaz

Places to visit

Empire State Building in NYC

It’s almost a crime if you don’t visit the ESB while in NY. With tickets starting at $34, you can see the whole city. The ESB is mostly packed, but if you are lucky enough you may find a celebrity (I found a Spice Girl!). If you like photography, I suggest you take your camera and document it, because the view, as I said before, it shows you NY in all it beauty.

Washington Monument by Helena Diaz

National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland

The National Aquarium is a major attraction. You can see a lot of sea animals as well as penguins and otters and more. I was personally in love with the big downhill like type aquarium, you get to see sharks and a lot of fishes, and they also offer a dolphin show. If you like sea life, this is a great place for you. Tickets start at $24.95 for kids, $39.95 for adults and $34.95 for seniors.

Washington, Lincoln Memorial by Helena Diaz

National Mall at Washington D.C

Washington is a place filled with history, but it would be almost unbelievable for you not to visit the National Mall. You can see the Washington Monument and also the memorials for Lincoln, MLK, FDR, WWII and Vietnam vets along a grassy mall. You can also see the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool, where you can see ducks, which I may include, are not always friendly.

New York Public Library by Helena Diaz

Things to do

I won’t make a list for this, because I literally can say so many things. But I can recommend for you to take a stroll on Washington Harbor, sit down on the grass and enjoy the colorful sunsets and the view of the Kennedy Center. You can go to the National Harbor (So many harbor recommendations, I’m sorry), in Maryland to see The Awakening, or ride the Capital wheel, which is a one in a lifetime experience, you get to see all the city when you are on the top. New York has a lot of things to do, like watching a play at Broadway, if you have the money, I totally recommend watching Hamilton. Or visit the multicolor Times Square. Or if you have a more adventurer soul, go to Brooklyn and look for one of a kind shops. Or if you really love iconic places go to The New York Public Library, for the Ghostbusters geeks, or have lunch at The MET stairs just like Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. These cities have a lot of things to offer, but I’m sharing the things I loved to do.

New York, Times Square by Helena Diaz

Things I swear by

  • Have an extra outfit. You never know what can happen (I got soaked in rain at NYC)
  • Carry a water bottle and some snacks
  • Ask strangers for help to get to a place, you never know how nice they can be!
  • Have always a form of identification, either your I.D or passport
  • Take walks instead of metros or taxis, you’ll get to see more of the city
  • Take pictures of every place you go, it’s nice to sit down and review everything you visited and thing you did.
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