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10 things to do in New York in summer

by Cristina Perez  from Spain

Hi Travelers!! Welcome here other day more,today as you have seen in the tittle I’m going to share with you 10 things I’ve done this summer when I went to NYC because you have to prepare your summer!!! It’s alredy coming.

Walk around the Brooklyn Bridge with an ice cream from a food truck

Visit MoMa (Museum Of Modern Art) on  Friday afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00 for free.It was one of my favorites museums of New York, because you have a lot of temporal expositions that are so interesting.

Eat a Hamburguer in Burguer Joint.It’s an old restaurant of fast food inside of the Le  Parker Meridien,a luxury hotel!! (119W 56th St)

Listen Gospel in a Church,It’s beautiful and you have a lot church in  Harlem, where to listen it, you have to go one hour before it starts because so many people want to enter.

Watch the sunset with a famous film in Bryant Park all Mondays in the  afternoon.

It’s a little bit obvious but go to Times Square at nigth with all the lights shinning.One of the most amazing things I’ve ever done!!

Explore without fixed course,look at the people and the street,took pictures,think….

If you want to take amazing pictures of the skyline of Manhattan and of Brooklyn Bridge you should go to the Empire Fulton Ferry, in Brooklyn.

You can’t forget to eat a lot pizza at Little Italy and a lot of hot dogs of the food trucks!!

And the last, but not less important,it’s cycling around Central Park and see squirrels and a lot of trees in the midle of the chaos of Manhattan.

And that’s all for today.Those are the things that I’ve done in New York that made my experience better so this is why I want to share with you guys,

Hope you guys like it!! See you soon 🙂

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