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Traveling around Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Ivan Leonel Rios from Argentina

Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero by Ivan Leonel Rios
Buenos Aires is characterized by many tourist places, be it Obelisco, san Telmo and Puerto Madero among others ..
There is much infrastructure, many cars, many people, we are a large population.
There are hotels in the center of the city which are visited by many tourists, for example the Hotel Panamericano which is located at Carlos Pellegrini Street 551
Then there is the Hilton Hotel that is located in Puerto Madero, at Calle Macacha Güemes 351 and finally the Sheraton Hotel at Calle San Martin 1225/1275
Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Kirchner by Ivan Leonel Rios
The most visited tourist centers are El Ateneo Grand Splendid, it is located on Av. Santa Fe 1860 and is the second most important bookstore in the world, followed by the San Telmo market, which retains its antiquity and has thousands of things to buy , Is located in Carlos Calvo street 495, another tourist place is La Boca / Caminito, where is the Riachuelo and Boca Juniors Court, another very visited place is El Cabildo, a history structure where several Argentine proceres were more than 100 Galerias Pacifico is located on Florida Street and Cordoba Avenue, one of the most important shopping centers in the country and has many shops for clothes, perfumes, among others.
The Kirchner Cultural Center is a space for plastic arts, musical shows and exhibitions is located at Sarmiento street 151.
Buenos Aires, la Boca by Ivan Leonel Rios

The Obelisk is a historical monument considered an icon of the city of Buenos Aires​

And the last place is Puerto Madero is one of the 48 neighborhoods in which the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is divided and is the place with more infrastructures.
Buenos Aires, Obelisco by Ivan Leonel Rios
Argentine Customs
The matte an infusion that is prepared from the chopped leaves of the Yerba Mate plant. It can be taken in a cup, in its version “cooked mate”, but the most traditional and typical is to do it in a mate, which is a container, usually a pumpkin, in which is placed the herb on which is poured hot wate
The roast also occupies a primordial place. These are different cuts of cow put to cook slowly on the coals, which are usually accompanied with salads and red wine.
Buenos Aires, Galerias Pacifico by Ivan Leonel Rios
The cafe Interpreted as an infusion and as a meeting place, it has its own history in the life of every porteño. It is the updated version of the old warehouses.
The Sundays of Buenos Aires have a typical soccer hue. It is an impermissible habit of men, who attend the court, listen to parties on the radio or watch it on television. The most popular rivalry is Boca Juniors and River Plate. Their fans are called “bosteros” and “hens” respectively, and when they face, it is often referred to as “Superclassic”.
Buenos Aires, Mercado de San Telmo by Ivan Leonel Rios
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