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To do in Naples

by Samanta Tamborini from Italy

Naples, Castel Dell’Ovo by Samanta Tamborini
Eat Pizza at Sorbillo or scialatielli on Mergellina waterfront
Different from any other kind of italian pizza. there’s always the  queue but it worth it
but all dinners in napoli are a fantastic experience.
Pasta, pizza and also steaks with tasting wines like Falanghina, mozzarella, olives, mixture of fries, fish… And what about sweets? babà, sfogliatelle… If you go to Naples you have to forget the diet and enjoy food and wine.
Naples, Ancient Centre by Samanta Tamborini
Go for a walk on Mergellina waterfront
You can breeze the sea, walk in peace on mind looking at waves, have a lunch, a dinner or an ice-cream looking at the horizont. Also you can visit “Castel dell’ovo”, reach the topo of it  and give a look to Napoli from “the sea”.
Naples, sunset at Castel Dell’Ovo by Samanta Tamborini
Visit the “Undergrounds Naples”
“Undergrounds Naples”  is an amazing experience. It’s the old romanic water system that was also used during the second war world as refuge by neapolitans. it’s so different from the upside city. It’s quite. silent, suspendend, without time and without where.
Naples, Underground Naples by Samanta Tamborini
Walk through Spaccanapoli
A long narrow street full of little shops and people. look everywhere also over you to palaces’ windows where you can find lines of washing.
Get lost in the little streets of the old historical centre of the city
Reach the centre of the old town and then explore it forgetting the map.  Get lost turning corners and finding squares and old church like santa chiara church or gesù nuovo, Santo lorenzo dome.
Explore San Gregorio Armeno street where is always Christmas cause of crafts that produce  little statues of Christmas nativity.
Naples, Quartieri Spagnoli by Samanta Tamborini

Give a look to “Cristo Velato” at San Severo Chapel, one of the most famous statue  in the world.

Naples,  by Samanta Tamborini
Give a look the the city’s heart in Quartieri Spagnoli
Look through the windows into the local houses and find people watching tv or cooking.
Don’t be scared this neighborought is full of live not of crime.
Naples, a view from Castel Dell’Ovo by Samanta Tamborini
Plebiscito Square
The biggest and most famous Naples’s square. A good starter to visit San carlo theatre, Castel Nuovo, its museum and balcony with the porto’s views, Palazzo Reale.
Take a coffe or a cocktail at  the historical and liberty cafe Gambrinus.
Naples, Chiaia by Samanta Tamborini
Live the nightlife in Chiaia neighborought
Take a gin in a pub in the little alleys lighted by lamps side by side neapolitan guys.
If you want to see other by Samanta Tamborini click on samantatamborini.blogspot.it or www.samantatamborini.com
Naples, a view from Castel Dell’Ovo by Samanta Tamborini
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