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The tasty and stressless guide to the Colosseum in Rome

by Sabina Woller  from Germany

If it’s your first time going to Rome, you might get lost in the countless city traps that have been strategically placed around the city. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you end up paying €25.00 for Spaghetti, €6.00 coffee and wait in line for a couple of hours to see a very popular tourist attraction like the Colosseum and the Vatican.

Rome, Colosseum by Sabina Woller

This time going to Rome I was more prepared. It was my second time. Instead of going during the peak time around June and July, we decided to visit around October. I compiled a list of beautiful most see and most eat places that were much quieter and much more enjoyable to explore during our five days in the Italian capital. I hope you enjoy this visual journey as much as I do.

In October, the temperatures are warm and crisp. Leaving enough chances to catch a subtle breeze, enjoy the golden hours of the sun and just feel less stressed really… Flight around this time were also much cheaper and the city was less crowded

Rome, Vatican by Sabina Woller

Vatican Museum

On our first day in Rome, we decided to venture to the Vatican Museum. Yes, I know. It’s a “must-do” on your list? We went ahead and booked the tickets in advance. This way you can just walk past the endless queue and show your ticket at security. We went here in the early afternoon and got a Mövenpick Espresso Ice cream at the end of the tour. This gave us the best and probably unhealthiest energy boost we’ve ever experienced in our lives. Really do not underestimate the size of that place.

rome, peters-dome-light
Rome, Peters dome light by Sabina Woller

Tip: Check out Street Food Bonci Pizzarium near the Vatican city if in need of a small snack

Rome, Monti by Sabina Woller


Hungry for something bigger? Now it’s time to walk to Monti. A little hip district North of Rome that has all the food and cobblestone sights you can dream of.

I recommend you look for Crocchette di patate at Supplizio, a potato croquette that is served in different varieties in Monti.

Rome, old armchair by Sabina Woller

I also recommend trying Trieste Pizza, a tiny little restaurant that offers traditional Roman Pizza for under €5.00.

Rome, Pizza Shop by Sabina Woller

Check out the Street performers on Piazza Navona

Rome, Colosseum by Sabina Woller


Of course we thought of this. Now it’s dark and quiet. So it’s worth the walk to the Colosseum. You will find almost no tourists there and you can joy the incredible view of this stunning piece of architecture while listening to the soft guitar tunes in the background.

Rome, Saint Peter’s dome walkway by Sabina Woller

You can see more by Sabina Woller on brownleatherbook.com 

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