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The 48-hours guide to Siena

by Serena Rizzo  from Italy

Siena… a pearl in Tuscany, a city as unique as rare. Sometimes, we can not realize how much it offers, but it can steals your heart… and, I, left mine there.
Siena is history, art, nature, great food and shopping: so, everything! But, what to do in 48-hours?    Let’s start the week-end.


Where to stay: 

Siena offers many possibilities: hotels, B&Bs and studios with costs that vary according to the year. The best deal is, surely, the Bed and Breakfast: so cute and comfortable, located in the heart of Siena in Via deiBanchi di Sopra and Via di Città, the most elegant and crowded roads, as well as shopping streets of Siena.

In the following photo, there is Nannini , great for a breakfast or a drink with local products.
Tasted the “Panforte” or marzapian’s cake… you will never regret! Or you can go to Grom right there in front: his ice cream is the tastiest of the city.

I recommend : having a light breakfast sweet or salty before starting your day!


Walking on Via di Città and Via dei Pellegrini and you will be in Piazza San where San Giovanni’s Baptistery is. You can visit it but I recommend to begin your visit from the Duomo, situated above it. Indeed next to the Baptistery there is a flight of steps which will take you to the Duomo’s complex. On the left you will find the ticket machines and plan your visit (or online at operaduomo.siena)

the complete tour includes:

– the Cathedral (pure gothic style) and the Floor
– Piccolomini library
– the Gate of Heaven, to walk “above” the sacred temple as well as to     enjoy the incredible internal and external views .
– Panorama and Duomo Nuovo, the finest observation point of Siena
– Museum
– Crypt
– Baptistery of San Giovanni

The architecture is massive and they are all examples of a gothic-roman tradition.

Where to eat:

If there is one place you must go is Gino Cacino .
Ask the locals they will tell you the same. At a very reasonnableprice you can order anything: cheese, charcuterie, wine and beer in a very relaxing place.
This is really an hidden treasure in Piazza del Mercato.

What to order?

You will want to try everything that’s on the menu but if you do not know what to choose, let them choose: they will surprise you! Add a good Tuscan red wine or a cold beer, your taste will thank you!

Open hours: 8 AM – 8PM


What to do:

– Walk around the streets of Siena

– Go to Piazza del Campo and climb Torre del Mangia : 110 steps to reach the terrace overlooking the square.

– Eat at Pasta Mia in ViadeiBanchi di Sopra: italian take-away pasta (to eat sitting in the square), good wine and great prices.

  • Florentina
    Posted at 10:15h, 20 ottobre Rispondi

    Sienna è una stupenda città, con dei bellissimi monumenti, vere opere d’arte. Qui si respira la maestuosità e il talento di tante epoche.
    Ti auguro una splendida giornata.
    Cari saluti,
    Flo di

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