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A love letter to Sao Paulo, Brazil

by Liashino  from Brazil

São Paulo, view from Copan Building by Liashino

Let’s talk about one of the cities that in my opinion is one of the most incredible cities to visit, São Paulo has more

than 12 million inhabitants, 463 years of history, it is the financial center of the country, one of the main places for

culture, fashion, gastronomy and technology. When people talk about Brazil, you always think: Rio de Janeiro,

beaches, bikinis, caipirinha, carnival and soccer … but my country is more than that, let my São Paulo show up, show

how much it can surprise you with the life that runs and pulsates through the streets, the people, the stories, I usually

say that São Paulo is a city for people of heart and free mind. Welcome, São Paulo!

Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo by Liashino

One of the ones I like most is the Pinacoteca that has already received great exhibitions, Rodin, Ron Mueck, Portinari, the brick building and the Luz Park make a perfect set for a good walk.

The Masp has an incredible main collection, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas, Goya, Botticceli, among others, it is certainly worth an afternoon here. (www.masp.art.br)

São Paulo, MIS – Museum of Image and Sound by Liashino

Museum of Image and Sound, acts as a great archive of our history in images and music, its ample collection of videos, photos and films, for the nostalgic a journey in time and for future generations the records of the days as they were. The place hosts great exhibits and movie shows. ( www.mis-sp.org.br )

São Paulo, Ibirapuera Park by Liashino

In the middle of all this concrete we have one of the largest Parks of the city, the Ibirapuera Park, here you can find museums, planetarium, recreation area.

São Paulo, Ibirapuera Park by Liashino

A perfect place to relax your mind and body. A great program to do is walk at the end of the day to see a beautiful sunset.

São Paulo Municipal Market by Liashino

It’s that old story, a place of flavors, colors… but why should I visit this place? Well let’s talk, it’s an experience to go through the shops and taste the fruits that you may not even know, many of these fruits were harvested within a few hours, to taste our cheeses from the producers or a good cachaça.

São Paulo Municipal Market by Liashino

But there is something that is as historic as the market place, the famous Mortadella Sandwich, a crunchy bread with lots of mortadella, I would classify as a supersanduiche, you must really be very hungry to finish, but it’s worth to try.
( www.oportaldomercadao.com.br )

São Paulo, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Building by Liashino

In the Old Town we keep our history, of village, commercial route, it was growing to adapt to the new times.

São Paulo, Catavento Museum by Liashino

A great program is to take a walk, in some streets are only for pedestrians giving more freedom for a good and quiet walk through the streets, in them are our great jewels of architecture that go from classic to modern.

All we need is love by Liashino

One of the greatest landmarks in the city is certainly the building, idealized by Earl Giuseppe Martinelli, took 5 years and much controversy for its finalization, since 30 floors seemed for many would be crazy, leading the Count to live in the place for proof that it was safe.

From glory to decadence, he managed to survive, the building was restored and revitalized thus keeping alive the dream of a man, a great building for a great city. From Monday to Friday it is possible to make a guided visit to the terrace.
( www.prediomartinelli.com.br/visitas.php )

São Paulo, Luz Train Station by Liashino


The city has an integrated transportation system, so the tip is to buy the BOM card, which you charge with credits and can use it in the trains, subways and buses. (www.emtu.sp.gov.br/emtu/bilhetes-e-cartoes/sao-paulo/cartao-bom-valetransporte.fss)

São Paulo, Luz Train Station by Liashino

Free Walking Tour

For those who want to know a little more of the history of the city is to enjoy the Free Walking Tour, it offers three great itineraries, Old City, Avenida Paulista and Vila Madalena, showing three cities within one. The tour has not fixed price, at the end of the tour you pay how much you think it’s worth. For those who do not speak Portuguese do not worry it is all done in English.

( www.saopaulofreewalkingtour.com/thetour )


Some countries travelers may need a visa to enter the country, so check all the necessary documents. ( http://chicago.itamaraty.gov.br/en-us/visa_requirements_by_country.xml )

São Paulo by Liashino

The whole history of this city, is in the streets, in the people, in the days that pass and they only make me believe that it is a great place to be, and when it is here allows to know something new, take a “pingado” with “pão na chapa” (toast bread with butter) in a padaria ( brazilian bakery), enjoy a “roda de samba”, try the feijoada, meet the locals. A good traveler is always in search of a new adventure, of stories, sometimes this search becomes tedious, so I say: enjoy the moment! Live the here and now, come and feel the life that runs by your side.

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