Hoboh - Land of beautiful horses Cappadocia
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Land of beautiful horses Cappadocia

by MadMaxCappadocia from Turkey

In flight by MadMaxCappadocia

You will be speechless when you first see Cappadocia even you cross or pass the roads, mountains and your are a voyager seeing the floods! So, a region even you’ve never imagined before, it spreaded to wide areas by square kilometres. While you are wandering among the fairy chimneys, you may get a doubt whether you are stil in a real world or another.

Uchisar Castle by MadMaxCappadocia

Cappadocia, in fact, is a present of volcanoes to the earth. History of formation has been started by spreading and cooling of lavas vomitted by Mount Erciyes and Mount Hasan which were active volcanoes millions years ago. The abrasion and erosion of these tufas by the effects of wind, rain and floods have created the fairy chimneys holding caps on the top. Humanbeing, carving the soft tuff layers easily, bring the history and geography together while building their houses, churches and underground cities. The Hittites, Phyrigians, Medes, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Pontuses, The Seljuks and The Ottomans are the civilizations appeared on this meeting of history.

St Basilica Church by MadMaxCappadocia

Cappadocia resembles a mosaic spreaded around wide area. Among the parts of this mosaic, there are Ihlara Valley abounded with monasteries, Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı Underground Cities where you feel shuddered inevitably when you get inside, Rocky Tombs in Avcilar, Urgup famous with its wines, St. Jean-Baptiste Church one of the oldest churches of region located in Cavusin, Aksaray abounded with Works of The Seljuks, Haci Bektas having the Tomb of Haci Bektas Veli, Mustafapasa (Sinasos) resembled as the Stone Age. Uchisar located 8 km. far from Nevsehir Province, Ortahisar where the citrus trees have been preserved in the underground cold stores, Zelve Valley where the fairy chimneys gathered in groups resisting the moment, share this splendid scene.

Underground City by MadMaxCappadocia

Goreme has been turned into an Open Air Museum. Tokali, Carikli, Karanlik, Virgin Mary, Elmali, Yilanli, Barbara Churches are located in here. All these beauties turns Cappadocia into a tough winding in a sense.

Preparing to fly by MadMaxCappadocia

That’s why, you never forget or you always carry a map while wandering around this region. Trekking, Hot-air Balloon Tour, Atv Safari Tours, Horse-riding Tours, Jeep Safari Tours, Traditional Turkish Nights, Whirling Dervish Demonstrations are only some of the entertainments you can join in Cappadocia.

Hot air balloon ride by MadMaxCappadocia

You may walk in Rose Valley which is one of these 2 valleys where the modern explorers want to see the most or You may visit the underground cities with 4.000 people capacity or You may see hundreds of churches in this region where the Christianity rose again.

Horseback riding by MadMaxCappadocia

When you go to Cappadocia meaning The Land of Beautiful Horses, You will angry with yourself because by saying why I haven’t come to here before. Afterwards you will enter to effects of earth’s parts resembling a dreamlike poem.

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