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Ireland by local

by Claire Tolan from Ireland

This is the Gaints Causeway .Its known for the basalt columns that interlock from the result of an ancient volcanic eruption.its breath taking and you can walk around the whole area. Tour buses go directly from Dublin city by Claire Tolan

Céad Míle Fáilte( hundred thousand welcomes in Ireland ).

You may have seen  this painted inside or outside Irish pubs . It literally means hundred thousand welcomes.

I was born and raised in Co Meath ,Ireland. Not quite the middle of no where as it is very close to Dublin , and when I say close , you could be surrounded by fields of cows and sheep and drive 15 minutes and be in the city .

This scene is a typical small village in Ireland , this particular village is in Co.Mayo near Ashford castle by Claire Tolan

When you first arrive in Ireland you will see green every where you go. When flying into Dublin airport if you look out your window all you will see is fields of yellow and green. It is a beautiful and scenic country .

If this is your first time in Ireland you are in good hands. I have to say Irish people are extremely friendly , weather you need directions or just need some one to have some craic with ” if you hear some one mention “the craic ” do not be worried or scared off, the craic just means what’s going on or let’s have a laugh . So for example some one might say “what’s the craic .

The Ha’penny bridge is a very famous bridge in the city (Dublin)for walking only , its very unique ,it takes you from the north to the south side joining by the Ha’penny bridge by Claire Tolan

There is a lot of hidden secrets and gems in Ireland, but first I would highly recommend getting a tour bus from Dublin to other counties , ( the paddy wagon tours) Iv done several paddy wagon tours this summer and the tour guides are a lot of fun , they will tell you stories and play some Irish music along the way. You can do over nights, and the bus will pick you up the next day and take you on a new adventure .

If you come to Ireland you need to visit the cliffs of Moher , there is stunning views to be seen .The cliffs are based on the west side of Ireland in Co. Clare by Claire Tolan

Somethings you need to do:

•Get a pint of Guinness , because yes the best Guinness is made in Ireland .

If you have time I recommend visiting the Guinness headquarters ( where you can get certified in pouring your own perfect pint, they also have a 360 gravity bar where you can see the view of Dublin city .

•Jameson distillery . The Jameson distillery is a lot of fun and the tour guides are funny and know what they are talking about . Even if you don’t drink whisky , it is a great experience .

A particular of the Gaints Causeway by Claire Tolan

•Trinity college, one of the top colleges in the world. The book of Kelly’s is also held there,you can walk freely around. I would buy tickets in advance if you want to see the book of kells.

•Paddy wagon bus tour- they have plenty of options , I would recommend doing a stay over night, you can travel to Galway/ the north of Ireland and they will do stop offs, for pictures etc.

• Carrick-rope bridge- it’s an amazing experience , where you cross a rope bridge ( make sure you do it on a day that the wind is not crazy )

•Cliffs of mohar is a must.

This is a view from the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge in Co. Antrim , Northern Ireland.It goes from the main land to tiny islands (Carrickarede island ) by Claire Tolan

•Gaints causeway  ,where all the limestone rocks have developed from nature , it is truly a cool experience to see.

•The Burren – the Burren is a beautiful scenic area of the west coast of Ireland , not many people live in this area.

•Gaelic /hurling game- if you have time to squeeze in one of our own sports .

•Ashford castle , the grounds around the castle is beautiful. This is where all the stars go to get married, they recently just upgraded the inside.

• The Phoenix park- where you will find Áras an Uachtaráin ( the presidents house ) it is also the home to Dublin zoo   And more sights to be seen . I definitely recommend having a stroll there, it’s very close to the Guinness hq , it’s also one of the biggest enclosed parks in Europe .

As you travel around Ireland you will see more and more areas like this , beautiful castles that are run down or being maintained , rock walls that divide land , acres of green land by Claire Tolan

•Food – we have little Italy in the city center, the food is pretty good! Also a little tip Chinese food is a little different to other places for example American but our Chinese food is the BEST cure for a hangover. A lot of places do Sunday dinners, which includes a proper dinner of spuds /roast beef and vegetables . In Ireland half of your plate will properly be potatoes , so you won’t go hungry.   Also if your looking for the best fish and chips you need to head out to Howth in Dublin, you can get there by train or bus . * The brass monkey is a good spot.

•B&B , if you stay in a b&b in Ireland they take you in , and make you feel welcome and feel at home. Normally they make dinner and breakfast .

Another tip be prepared for rain, storm and sun . The weather changes every day, we don’t have seasons like other places in the world. It’s mostly rainy or damp , the sun might come out and surprise you from time to time .

Every body constantly talks about how green Ireland is , well its true ,it is beautiful and very green by Claire Tolan

Although in school we all have to take Gaelic , only parts of the country still speak it on a daily bases, mostly the west of Ireland .

Some helpful sayings :

Hello – Dia duit. (literally “may God be with you”)

How are you? – Conas atá tú?

I am … – Is mise …

Another view from the Carrick-a-rede bridge ,you can buy passes to cross over the bridge by Claire Tolan

What’s your name? – Cad es ainm duit?

Welcome – Fáilte

Goodbye (short and general form) – Slán

Goodbye (if you are leaving) – Slán leat

Goodbye (if you are staying) – Slán agat

See you (later). – Slán go fóill.

Stay safe, take care. – Tabhair aire.

 Even in rain or shine Ireland has so much to give , if you like nature this is the place to go ,with views at every turn by Claire Tolan
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