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Eat, pray and love in Porto

by Rui Pinto-Cardoso from Portugal


Porto sums up to these three words. And it’s very easy to see why once your here.


Portugal has one of the best cuisines in the world. This can easily be proved by all the great Chefs that leave Portugal and earn Michelin stars all over the world. The cooking, a great cooking, with good flavors, scents that awaken sensations that are part of the national tradition and table of all the Portuguese people. We all enjoy the good traditional Portuguese kitchen and those who come to Portugal and try it, cannot stay indifferent! And Porto, one of the main cities of Portugal, perfectly reflects the best in Portugal. Porto has excellent restaurants with traditional Portuguese food; we have given a Portuguese touch to the flavors we have imported which, by the way, was not a bad idea at all. In Porto you can find gourmet kitchen, fast food or even vegetarian food, all dishes presenting great quality. Along with the quality of food preparation and the service provided in these restaurants, parking is also a main feature. The restaurants are not expensive and the location is excellent, allowing visitors access to a wide variety of options for lunch or dinner.


But let’s be honest, who comes to Porto for the first time, looks out for the world-famous Francesinhas or Tripas à Moda do Porto. In my opinion, no one can leave Porto without trying one of these dishes.

Even Anthony Bourdain has recorded an episode of his show “Parts Unknown” in Porto.

And as eating walks hand in hand with drinking, are there better wines than the Port wine produced in the famous vineyards of Régua and kept in the cellars Caves do Vinho do Porto on the south bank of Rio Douro in Vila Nova de Gaia? Obviously we  cannot talk about Porto without talking about wine. It’s a symbol! It’s an ambassador!



Porto is also culture. In Porto you can visit many monuments related to religion and national history. We have several options here, beautiful historical churches, such as the Church of S. Francisco in Ribeira, the Cathedral and the famous Torre dos Clérigos. Going up to the tower we are able see practically all the downtown. It’ s a must-see. The magical, supernatural view (although climbing all the steps of the tower is not an easy task! Let’s just say you don’t need to go to the gym that day!). There are places of worship you cannot fail to admire, the architectural beauty, the art pieces and the symbolism they convey. The magnificent views that we have from there are a strong point to visit them. From the Cathedral, it is also possible to see the Ribeira, a good place to take some photos for Instagram or blogs.

Porto is a city of faith, a faith that has been able to resist the various invasions throughout History, which left the legacy of an invincible city that the inhabitants defend. Since faith is one of the upholders of this city, it is not strange to find so many places of worship. And I’m not just talking about the Christian Churches. There are also Mosques, Evangelical Churches and a whole variety of worship places that we are not indifferent to after we visit them (even if our religious beliefs are different).



If Paris is known to be the city of love, Porto is also a good city for lovers.

Here, we love the places, the cuisine, the people, the weather. Everything! It is  impossible to come to Porto and not be carried away by the best of this city. It is impossible to resist!!! Porto has excellent green spaces, such as the gardens of the Palacio de Cristal, where we can enjoy the fantastic view of the Ribeira to the outfall of the Douro River. They are great places to walk and date, in harmony with Nature. And if we get carried away by love, we also fall in love with these places: the gardens, the Stairs and the Funicular of  Guindais that provide the photo lovers with photos of the fantastic view from the D. Luís I Bridge, one of the symbols of this city. Anyone who visits Porto must visit this bridge and cross it to the other side (seen from Gaia, Porto is even more beautiful!).


At the end of the day, it’s absolutely amazing! From the bridge, it is possible to look at the whole area of Ribeira and Gaia Pier, which are also a mandatory stop for those who visit the city. As you can see, there is a natural charm in the city that makes us feel more willing to love and love everything around us, to cherish what we have. Not only the spaces but people make a difference. Here people are quite simple, do not need much to live happily. And as guardians of this city, they are the first to welcome those who come for a visit, to welcome the tourists, and make them feel at home. In Porto, people are humble, they like to receive and  provide for those who visit the city, the best experience possible. To know the roots of these people, you must visit  Bolhão Market. This quite old market still keeps the soul of this people’s predecessors.

It is said that the people of Porto speak their mind, because they like to express what goes in their soul, to say how they feel, and this is something that creates empathy.


It is said that the people of Porto speak their mind, because they like to express what goes in their soul, to say how they feel, and this is something that creates empathy.

Places to visit:

  1. Torre Dos Clérigos
  2. Church of S. Francisco
  3. Cathedral of Porto
  4. D. Luís I Bridge
  5. Palácio de Cristal Gardens
  6. Virtudes Gardens
  7. The Majestic  (Santa Catarina Street)
  8. Stairs of Guindais
  9. Ribeira (Picture_6)
  10. Restaurant Brazão


Finally, there is so much more I could say about Porto, about my city. I  challenge you to visit Porto and then tell me to what conclusions you have reached. I believe you will love it!

And do not forget the watchword to visit Porto is: Eat, Pray and Love.

Ultimately, we sum it all in one sentence: “European Best Destination 2017“. This year with another attraction- the Race Red Bull Air Race World Championship on the banks of the Douro River.

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