Hoboh - Cuba: the landscapes and the characters
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Cuba: the landscapes and the characters

by Armando Moreschi  from Italy

A street in Cuba by Armando Moreschi

We arrived in Cuba and more precisely in Havana after more than 12 hours of flying and our accommodation was at the “Casa Particolar” Colonial Mansion.

The House was in the old part of the city where the buildings once were beautiful and colorful. Now, unfortunately, they are in the grip of the neglect and abandonment.

A car in Cuba by Armando Moreschi

Only the old American cars are taken care of, painted and scamper taking a walk Cubans and tourists to the city.

Too bad they go to diesel fuel and emit noises indescribable by potholes.

A car in Cuba by Armando Moreschi

Continuing on foot we poked around the streets full of people and I photographed many characters that seeing that you are a tourist, however they ask you at least one peso.

Dancing women by Armando Moreschi

Wherever you find the bands, in the street, in the bars, and restaurants and where you least expect it because people though poor never stops singing, smiling and dancing!

People in the street by Armando Moreschi

The “camareros” (*BarMen) of “La Bodeguita del Medio” the most famous place never stop preparing “Mojtos”, “Pinas Coladas” and other local specialties. This place is not cheap and I suggest places frequented by Cubans.

Inside a bar by Armando Moreschi

Near the famous bar there is “Elba”,  with his eternal cigar, an old lady who I wanted to photograph because is a historical figure of Havana.

Elba by Armando Moreschi

The children, who still have the good fortune not to have video games or other technological pastimes are having fun as they did those of my generation, with glass balls and the Football street (although we did not know the prohibition).

On the advice of those who had stayed there for them we brought pens and pencils and was moving to see their smiles in receiving them.

Children play with glass ball by Armando Moreschi

From the roof garden of the Hotel Inglaterra there are a wonderful views of the Paseo de Marti and Plaza Major and I suggest to everyone a drink or a dinner overlooking La Havana.

View from the roof garden by Armando Moreschi

The most important square is’ Plaza de la Revolucion with the image of Che Guevara and in the center of the square stands the Memorial Jose Marti 146 meters high, the highest building in Havana. (I suggest to visit the city with the “Hop on Hop off Buses”).

Plaza de la Revolucion by Armando Moreschi

Armando Moreschi was born in Rome in 1949 where he lives and is believed a performer and visual artist in conceptual paintings and photographs

His favorite themes are the social photography and prefers stolen shots.
It makes a whole its use of photography techniques since 1970.
He experimented for a few years, with creativity and innovation, the development of its black and white coloring them by hand partly with artistic touch with Indian ink and markers.
This is his Facebook page: ArmandoMoreschiArte
  • Armando Moreschi
    Posted at 19:26h, 08 settembre Rispondi

    Many thanks to Hoboh for share my photostory, I remember to all Instagrammers that a lot of photos of Cuba and other my travels are in my account : @armandomoreschi
    See you on Instagram to take a look !

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