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Barcelona Mi Amor

by Maria Luiza Mainart from Brazil

Barcelona  by Maria Luiza Mainart

Barcelona, known worldwide for being the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain, is worth a thousand visits. Among its enchanting alleys, the flag of independence pops up from almost every balcony, along with signs asking for respect and silence, but how can you be silent once you’re there? What a challenge not to be amazed by every corner of gothic art in “El Gòtic” neighborhood, or every bite in the best food place in town: “Mercat de La Boqueria”. You see all varieties of fruits and international snacks there, a famous one being Coxinha, a typical snack from my home country, Brazil. Warning: prepare yourself to face a big crowd, the market is very popular among tourists from all nationalities.

How not to think you’re the luckiest person in the world once inside Gaudí’s breathtaking masterpiece, “Sagrada Família”? This is the only cathedral in the world that will make you feel as if inside a jungle, with its columns made to look like tree trunks. And surprisingly they do! If you’re feeling hungry you can always look around for different cultural foods, I’d settle for the very traditional “Paella”, with the Spanish world famous beer “Estrella”. Buy souvenirs (“1 euro 1 euro 1 euro”), enjoy the weather, and wear comfortable clothes.

Barcelona  by Maria Luiza Mainart

After passing the “Arc de Triomf” into the “Parc de La Ciutadella” and seeing the kids playing with soap bubbles, you’ll be sure you’re in one of the liveliest cities in the world. Barcelona is love, passion and art. The biggest and most favorite cliché of Spain. You feel the energy already in the metro, which feels so small and hot and crowded, and you see that there can’t be unhappy spirits in a place like this. The urban planning in Barcelona is so well achieved and easy to understand that you don’t need any planning to go anywhere, and you’re hearing that from the control freak here. Just check the metro board and you’ll find your destination in a blink of an eye (or your boyfriend will because you’ll be too excited about it all).

“Park Güell” will be your treasure; such vibrant colors only make sense in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudí and his masterpieces of art in and around the city won’t stop amazing you. Take the whole afternoon for the park, so you can truly admire his artwork and his attention to details, and it’s all about details. The work he did with the tiles is his trademark, and you’ll never forget it. If it’s summertime, the water vendors yelling “water 1 euro water 1 euro water 1 euro” will be your favorite soundtrack for the day.

By the end of the afternoon go watch the spectacle of the “Fuente” waters with classical music. Finish it with a nice Catalan wine (and some pizza), go to the beach, make a party of your own. Don’t miss out on the Mediterranean Sea, don’t miss out on the wonders of Barcelona, mi amor!

Barcelona  by Maria Luiza Mainart

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