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9 tips to find Stockholm

by Antonella Spaltro from Italy

Stockholm by Antonella Spaltro

My boyfriend and I went to Stockholm last September, to be honest it wasn’t our first choice, but then I found that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were in concert here in the days we choose so we killed two birds with one stone, and we both loved this city!

To say it with few words: Stockholm is simply amazing. The streets, the buildings, the colors, everything is pretty, literally every corner in Stockholm is lovely. One of the things I loved more was to stroll around in Gamla Stan, The Old Town. It’s composed with a lot of streets linked together were you can find all kind of souvenir shops, restaurants (tip 1), if you decide to eat in Gamla Stan find Matgatan 22, it’s cheap, the owner is very kind, and you eat well, expecially a delicious and fresh salmon- cafè (tip 2), if you’re Italian or you like Italian coffee make sure to stop at Caffellini-Filikori a tiny Italian cafè. Every street takes to Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm, and with the red and yellow buildings, one of the most famous place in the city. Here you can find also the Nobel Museum, in winter the Christmas markets, and in summer a lot of street artists. As you can understand, to me walking around is the best way to explore Stockholm for sure; while planning the travel, we found a lot of paths and places to see inside the Lonely Planet guide, like Stadhuset, the City Hall, the little Riddarholmen island, Kungsträdgården (tip 3), if you visit Stockholm in spring don’t miss the chance to see the sakura, the flowering of cherries, in Kungsträdgården-, Sodermalm, the Fotografiska (the Swedish museum of photography), Skansen an open-air zoo/museum that shows the life in Sweden in the pre- industrialization age (tip 4), be sure to visit each of this places!- but we also only walked and discovered unmarked places in the guide, like Kastellhomen, the Katarina Elevator, that has an amazing view over the city, Skinnarviksberget, the highest natural point in Stockholm, (we found it because we get lost!), (tip 5), try to found Jarnpoike (Little Boy looking at the moon) in Gamla Stan, it’s the smallest statue in Stockholm and it brings luck. But my favorite place is absolutely Monteliusvägen! It’s one of the most panoramic point in the city, there is a breathtaking view that everyone should see, especially if you love taking photos (tip 6), make sure to see the sunset from here, it’s an amazing experience- even now I love to see again the photos I took here, my eyes light up every time, it’s still emotional.

Stockholm by Antonella Spaltro

After visiting the city, you can’t miss the Tunnelbana. Tunnelbana is the Swedish word for subway. The Stockholm metro is considered the world’s longest art exhibition, 90 of 100 metro stations are decorated by different artists (tip 7), be sure to buy the transport card, it costs 300krn, about 30euro for 7 days, in this way every public means of transport, metro, bus, boat, tram, is free for the period of validity; the card is also rechargeable if you decide to return to Stockholm in the future-. Every station has a theme, like environment, work, solidarity, the humanity history, children, videogames and so on, (tip 8), 90 stations to visit are a lot, find online articles about the Stockholm Tunnelbana, in this way you can choose the stations you want to visit without taking time to visit the city- and every station is an experience different from the others, it’s like make a travel inside your travel! (tip 9), the most famous stations like Solna Centrum, T-Centralen, Stadion, Kungsträdgården are a bit crowded, so have patience or plan to visit them in the early morning- We visited a fair number of stations, about 20, one day we’ll come back to see the others for sure, it’s an amazing experience! In the photos you can see some of the stations I liked most!

So, have a nice trip and hope you’ll like Stockholm too!

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