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by Maite Urzaa from Barcellona

Are you looking for good advice to visit Barcelona? There are lots of things to do in the Catalan capital, there are visits and activities to suit all budgets and tastes!

To help you choose, we have put together a list of our best tips divided into different categories, are you ready to discover the city? Let’s go!


Are you a culture lover? Start you trip in style with a visit to the SagradaFamilia, one of the most impressive temples in the world. Our advice? Go there as soon as possible, you’ll find less people!

by Maite Urzaa  from Barcellona

Gaudi’s architectural works are a very important part of the city, don’t miss them! The most popular ones besides SagradaFamilia? ParcGüell and Casa Batlló.

Some useful information? Book fast-track tickets online to avoid queueing for hours!

by Maite Urzaa  from Barcellona


Are you a shopaholic? Head to Barcelona! You’ll find Spanish brands like Zara or Mango at very low prices! There are many stores all around the city and you’ll find most of the brands in the city center. Enjoy a relaxing walk and make the most of knock-down prices!


Always on the lookout for something different to eat? Take the time to discover the local specialties. The city is bursting with tapas bars offering fresh and delicious products!


Barcelona has a reputation for its party atmosphere! The streets and squares are usually very lively thanks to the great climate!

Top tip: the party starts later in Spain than in other places. Spanish people have dinner around 9.30pm and head to the club around 2am.

by Maite Urzaa  from Barcellona


Want to chill a bit? There are plenty of places to relax and enjoy your time in Barcelona! A walk by the seafront can do a whole world of good, head to the PasseigMarítim in Barceloneta and just sit or enjoy a drink by the sea!

Fancy soaking up the sun? There are fantastic beaches in and around Barcelona! You can either make a trip to discover the Catalan capital’s surroundings or bake under the Mediterranean sun at any of the 7 sandy beaches stretched over the city!

by Maite Urzaa  from Barcellona

 With children

Family trip? We have some suggestions for your little ones!

Take a trip to Montjuïc and enjoy nature, sport, art and architecture, all in one! In the evening, head to the Magic Fountains for the light and sound show that will please both parents and children!

Prefer to get off the beaten track? Head to Horta park! It’s a great green space with a huge green maze, the kids will love getting lost in it!

Need an afternoon snack? Barcelona has just the right place! Head to We Pudding, a surprising café very close to the city center. You’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland!

Now you know lots of things you can do in Barcelona, what are you waiting for to discover the city of architecture, party, sun and sea? Have a great trip!

by Maite Urzaa  from Barcellona


MaiteUrzaa, Spain, https://barcelona-top-travel-tips.com/

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