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The 5 beautiful places that people don’t visit when go in London

by Debora Pucci  from Italy

London, Stonehenge by Debora Pucci


This is an archeological site situated near Salisbury, about 90 miles from London. It’s an amazing prehistoric place, builded from Neanderthal homo since 2000bc. This site was built as a ‘death place’ and is interesting to know how this homo had transported and erect the heavy stones. The perfect moments to visit this place are in the summer and winter solstices, because you could observe how the stones are align with the sun in sunrise and sunshine processes. I loved this place, because it seems magical and it transmitted to me a good emphasis

London, Salisbury Cathedral
London, Salisbury Cathedral by Debora Pucci

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury in the south west England, home of the Stonehenge site and it’s full of Interesting and older places. One of this is the Cathedral, that contains in his library the Carlo Magno paper. This Cathedral was built from 1220 to 1320 with a gothic style. There you can feel and breath a special atmosphere: outside, when the sun goes down, the lights that illuminate the cathedral make it more impressive and suggestive. Inside, the ceiling is so high, infact, in a Christmas time you can see a high three all decked inside. All around the Cathedral there is a beautiful green park, when you can walk and stay in peace.

London, Greenwich by Debora Pucci


A little London neighbourhood, there is a beautiful and huge park where, especially in the sunny days, for a moment you can think to be miles away from the capital with kids that runs all over the grass, but if you rise your eyes, at the top of the hill you can se a very important build: the Greenwich observatory and his important geographic point, the Greenwich meridian. From the hill near astronomic point, you can have a beautiful view of London’s skyscrapers. Inside the observatory there is a museum where you can see a lots of old tools used to marking time on the sea and on the earth, and with the ticket for the entrance you can have a free audio guide that help you to better understand and learn about the observatory and meridian histories. And if this is not enough… you can shoot a picture with the meridian between your feet!

London, Hide Park by Debora Pucci

Hide Park during “Winter Wonderland” event

Everybody knows Hide Park, a London’s Green Isle, for his squirrels and a lot of space where to run or ride a bike, but there is a magical atmosphere during the nights in the Christmas period, when the only lights come from rides inside the park.

London, Natural History Museum by Debora Pucci

National History Museum

You can find a lots children running and screaming inside the museum for the astonishment but if you move out from prehistoric and dinosaurs area you could discover more about our planet, the man and animals evolution, the space and natural phenomenon like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. And for the ladies, a huge beautiful collection of precious stones.

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