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Sydney, the Wonder City

by Bruno Basile Montini  from United States

On my trip to Australia I made sure to go visit some of the major cities like Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney. They are all very cool and have a bunch of stuff to do. But today I will be talking about how to visit Sydney in only three days.

On the first day we settled on our hotel, Meriton Service Apartments, such a good apartment hotel that was walking distance to the major attractions. It is valid to say that you do not need a car to go explore the city. Trains and shuttles are very convenient and easy to use. So after settling, we went to the Darling Harbour. There is all kind of things to do over there, from museum to go explore the beaches on a ferry. We decided to go explore the indoor activities so we went to the Aquarium Darling Harbour, Madame Tossou Museum, and the Darling Harbour Zoo (Kangaroos and Koalas of course). There is a $70 (Australian Dollars) deal that allows your entrance to all those attractions.

So still after all that we made our way walking to the gorgeous Sydney Harbor Bridge (about 30 walking). It’s a crazy city! It looks like you are in New York then San Francisco then Italy, all kinds of places.

Darling Harborby Bruno Basile Montini

Second day we did the coastal walk. That was my favorite part of the trip!  Some of the most stunning views ever! If you do during the Sunset, I’m sure you will get the perfect photograph.I went from Bondi Beach to Cogee beach. That can take up to 4 hours depending on your pace. My parents made it and they are 50 years old, so there is no excuse! Bring water, comfortable shoes, snacks, and of course your camera. There are different beaches you can stop during the way so it is not like you are in the middle of nowhere. Make sure to stop in Gordons Bay. It is a small beach and it’s just beautiful. I would recommend doing the other way around, though. Coming from Cogee Beach to Bondi Beach because in Bondi Beach there is natural pools where you can just relax from the long walk. However, the path is more difficult due to the hills.

Coastal Walk, Bondi Beach to Cogee Beach by Bruno Basile Montini
Gordon’s Bay, Coastal Walk by Bruno Basile Montini

Third day we took the Ferries to go explore the bay. We got our tickets from the Captain Cook Ferries. Price is about $20 per person and allows you unlimited access within 24 hours. There are several stops: Taronga Zoo (one of the biggest Zoos in the world), Fort Denison, Watsons Bay, Shark Island (it’s just a beach with a shark net, nothing special), and Manly Beach.

In Manly beach we made our way to Shelly beach. Such a beautiful small beach. The water was crystal clear; it kind looked like the beautiful French coast. Highly recommend bringing swim goggles or snorkel to dive and see the different kind of fishes the Island has. Also, if you want some adventure you can get the trail that’s on your right (if you’re looking to the ocean) and keep going until the end. There is this beautiful scenic view from Mainly Beach. And to finish the day, we ate at The Boathouse; their sandwiches are really good.

I know three days are not enough to fully visit Sydney because, as I said before, there are so many things to do over there. But, if you follow those tips, I’m sure it will help you get to know a little bit about this gorgeous city.

Opera House, Bay Harbour Bridge, Fort Deninson (Ferry view) by Bruno Basile Montini

Thank you for reading it.

More about me on  @nomadphotographers

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