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Sicily, the only place where i can find myself over and over again

by Giada Mirabella from Italy

Sicily by Giada Mirabella
Have you ever been in Sicily? Well, you should start to make your travel bag and visit this beautiful island! I will give you a small description of this big island: there are many beautiful beaches, the food is literally amazing, the people are very kind and you will feel so welcome here, and you won’t forget the beautiful sunsets…I’m sure you’ll come back here lots of times!
First of all, this island is famous for: food, traditional products, traditional dishes, the cannoli(our famous recipe), beaches and climate.
What to see
if you go to Sicily you should visit the Teatro Antico(Taormina), Volcan Etna(active nowadays), Cefalù, Marsala, Scala dei Turchi(Agrigento), Gole dell’Alcantara(Castiglione di Sicilia), Riserva dello Zingaro(San Vito Lo Capo), Valle dei Templi(Agrigento), Punta Secca(Ragusa), Nebrodi(Etna, Messina).
Food you should absolutely try: Arancini, Cannoli, Granita con Brioche, Pistachio of Bronte, Pizza, Fichi d’India, Lasagna, Cassatelle  of Agira, Cassata Siciliana, Parmigiana.
It is one of the most visited tourist centers of Sicily, known for his natural landscapes and historic monuments. You can visit in Taormina:
-Isola Bella
-Teatro Antico
-Palazzo Corvaja
-Villa Comunale
-Domus San Pancrazio
Teatro Antico
It is excavated in the rock and the scene has for background the Ionian Sea and the Volcan Etna. The cavea is divided into nine areas of eight stairs that allow spectators to access. The same is surrounded, at the top, by a double archery tunnel supported by pillars and columns. The theater today has a capacity of 4500 seats.

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