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Saint Philip, Barbados:  8 Points and 8 Tips

by Al Thompson from United States

Saint Philip, Sam Lord’s Castle by Al Thompson

Sam Lord’s Castle

Is located on the farthest Eastern tip of Barbados and one of the lesser known parts of the island in Saint Philip.  The once abandoned castle was built in 1820 by the notorious Samuel Lord who used to lure pirate ships onto the island by lighting lanterns from the castle.  Through years of constant wind coupled with salt water the castle became deteriorated and subsequently changed hands 4 times since its existence.  Now, they’re in the middle of revitalizing the building from foreign investors.  If you’re looking to learn a bit more history then this part of town should be on one’s wish list.

Saint Philip, Bottom Bay Beach by Al Thompson

Bottom Bay Beach

That entire long stretch of beach has several diving points with old steps that connect you to the sand.  In many ways it resembles that of an outdoor museum.  In the mornings you’ll witness joggers taking a stroll down by the shoreline.  But it’s the random structures that make this unknown place far more worthwhile and in a sense you’ll prize this as a great.

Saint Philip, a local tour guide by Al Thompson

A Local Tour Guide

Finding a local tour guide (unofficial) should be of no issue.  There overall friendly and bubbly personalities are always a welcoming presence.  Known as some of the happiest people in the Caribbean they are patriotic and know their history.  So, don’t be shy to ask and you’ll be surprised how much they know.

Saint Philip, roasting fish by Al Thompson

Roasting Fish

The Castle isn’t the only attraction on that part of the island.  Bottom Bay sits directly below the castle where there are several access points.  If you’re lucky you can meet a local fisherman or two who’d go out for 2 to 4 hours to fish with very little gear.  Of course, you can also buy what they have so be ready to have some cash at hand.

Saint Philip, Harrismith Hotel by Al Thompson

Harrismith Hotel

One of the more attractive things about Saint Phillip is the ability to experience most places without spending much, if any at all.  Enter at your own will at the old Harrismith Hotel.  It is one of the most photographed places on the south eastern region where many fashion photographers from overseas setup camp.

Saint Philip, MariZayra’s Sanctuary by Al Thompson

MariZayra’s Sanctuary 

For a small fee you’ll be able to walk up the road from Harrismith Beach to gain access for a tour of a small zoo – possibly one of the tiniest zoos in the world.  From exotic fowls to monkeys MariZayra’s Sanctuary is where Ryan Inniss can give you the breakdowns of all animals that are mainly rescued.

Saint Philip, Foul Bay Beach by Al Thompson

Foul Bay Beach

A ten minute drive southwards along the coast will have you end up in Foul Bay Beach.  A hidden gem and probably the best beach in Saint Philips.  The great thing about this is there’s hardly any foot traffic since most visitors tend to settle around beaches in the more popular areas of Barbados.  Camping overnight isn’t allowed but you can settle in a tent from dusk to dawn.  And by dawn I mean being there just before sunrise here on the eastern part of the island.

Saint Philip, street soccer by Al Thompson

Street Soccer

It is true that you’ll find adults and kids alike who play soccer all over the streets.  Any random traveler can indeed experience the inviting nature of soccer where kids would be delighted if you join them in a scrimmage or two.


1.  Try Airbnb

2.  Get a temporary drivers license

3.  Take a ride up to Bushy Park Driving Circuit for a go-kart experience

4.  Always have some form of cash at hand; you’ll need it where atm’s aren’t easily accessible.

5.  If you’re without a car then avoid traveling too late at nights.  Taxi’s aren’t easily accessible and the buses stop running at a certain time at nights.

6.  Rural means more animals.  If you’re not an early bird then hearing roasters at 4:30am in the morning may be an issue.  Try staying at a nearby hotel if that’s the case.

7.  Avoid traveling in the spring where raining almost everyday may be an issue for outdoors.

8.  Get a mosquito spray.  You’ll need it.


If you want see more about Al Thompson click on Aljthompson.com

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