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Finding Serenity in Ubud

by Indra Tania  from Indonesia

Ubud, Sundays Beach Club with Bail’s trademark of offering by Indra Tania

The first thing that pops into most people when they hear Bali is sun-kissed skin and exotic fun, but if you want other alternative vacation theme, away from the crowd and noise, Bali can also be the place to regain peace and calm your soul if you choose the right region. So for this stress-relieved trip, you might want to spend most of your trip in Ubud.

Ubud, breakfast and tea at seniman coffee studio by Indra Tania

What to do in Ubud:

Ubud is well-known by its greenery, and one of the must visit places is Campuhan Hill. Campuhan hill is best visited early in the morning where you can see a light mist, feel the breeziest morning wind, even smell the refreshing morning dew. And if you like jogging it’s a great place too, because it has 2 km track, but if you just wanna sit around and enjoy the greenery it’s much relaxing too.

Ubud, Baduone of Tirta Empul pool  by Indra Tania

After going down from Campuhan Hill you can also have breakfast around there at Ubud Raya street. There are a lot of food choices; from traditional Balinese, Mexican, Italian, and a lot more choices for vegetarian. But in this trip I decided to set my foot at Seniman Coffee studio, it’s this small lovely open space coffee shop with warm and homey atmosphere, their food is great and fresh, and if you’re a fan of tea, I recommend you to try their Agung Java Black Tea, also if you’re on a budget this place has perfectly reasonable price.

Ubud, Campuhan Hill by Indra Tania

Tirta empul is a temple known with its holy mountain spring. If you want to literally wash away all your stress and weary, this is the perfect place. The Balinese myth says by bathing on this fountain you’ll get purified, meaning this is a sacred place for its people and it would be nice if we can respect their faith by following their simple ritual, bonus point by the end of it you’ll get total refreshed. This place has 13 sculpted fountains, basically you get into the bathing pool, pressed your hand together, bow down and let the exhilarating fountain spring showered you one by one. Pro tip, to enter the bathing pool you have to wear kain, but usually the changing room is crowded, so I suggest you to change beforehand.

Ubud, exit gate of Tirta Empul by Indra Tania

Sundays beach club

Sundays beach club located in Uluwatu, an hour and half drive from ubud. To get there you literally has to go around a hill. But once you get there the view is worth it. It is amazing, even the way to go down the beach is not mediocre because you’ll ride a cable car between the hills. Sundays beach club is not a surf beach, it’s a swimming and leisure beach. I would suggest you to come here noon or evening, because first, obviously the sun wouldn’t burn our skin when we take a dip, second the watersport starts at evening and last but clearly the finest way to end the day in my opinion is the sunset view, perfected with their bonfire and s’mores.

Ubud, view of Sundays beach club by Indra Tania

How to get around Ubud

Since there are not many public transportation in Ubud, and most of the streets don’t allowed uber and grab to operate, I recommend you to rent a motorbike. There are so many rental and usually your hostel, guesthouse, or hotel already has this offer. Ubud also has local taxis, but the problem is some of us are not really good at bargaining, including me, so personally I prefer to ride a motorbike.

One last tip, do not forget to bring sunblock and bug spray. That is all, have fun!

Ubud, Sundays beach club view from the enter path by Indra Tania
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