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Travelling Solo

 by David Mensah  from Leicester, United Kingdom

View from here to Bradgate by David Mensah

Travelling Solo is one the things I personally enjoy when it comes to going to places. I always get goosebumps when travelling to explore, I guess you also get as well from my point of view. That’s just by the way.

I went to Bradgate Park in Leicester the other day and it was fun, great and exciting. In the past, I visited there with my friends on a college trip and to be honest I didn’t enjoy that because the one leading us kept talking about random stuff about the history of the park. What happened was we got bored of it and started talking among ourselves. This time, I went solo and it was an amazing experience. I went to the Old John Tower, the Yeomanry War Memorial, the ruins of Bradgate House.

 Bradgate Park by David Mensah

Going alone was at my own risk because

Firstly, I didn’t have water (very essential when travelling) to Bradgate Park. So I didn’t stay long because of that.

Secondly, I didn’t have anyone to talk to and most people that I saw had families with them. At the same time this played a huge part on me getting to the places I wanted to go and it was quick.

Third, it got cold (always prepare because you’ll never know how good or bad the weather will be that day). It rained on the day I went, so just to let you know. I actually regret not having gloves and an umbrella.

 Bradgate Park by David Mensah

My hands were freezing but wasn’t that bad. I’ve been in England for 2 years trust me this weather is unpredictable. I would prefer having the African weather in England. It would have been summer all year for me but I guess as the saying goes ” You can’t eat your cake and have it back”. I would advice that if your going to such a place like Bradgate park, go with someone if you have never been there. It’s easier when you have a friend, family or others around you.

Cropston Reservoir by David Mensah

After leaving Bradgate Park, I passed by the Cropston Reservoir and saw these beautiful flowers. I didn’t know the reason why it was hanged there but it was unusually to have found one there. That was a highlight for me and one of the things I like about flowers was that it looked fresh and had different colours.

Liecester Premier Inn Hotel by David Mensah

Do you ever go to a hotel in a city and all you want to do is have you room on the top floor. One perfect spot you can choose is the Premier Inn hotel. High above in the rooms you could be seeing our beautiful city night lights. Few minutes from the train station. Next to it is the Pure gym (24/7) anytime you want. Tell me, if you’re hungry and tired of hotel environment. You’ve got Al Feena next to the gym. Just pop in when you feel like it because they’re waiting for you to come. I mean what a selection you have before you. What more, nice and great views from the hotel, get your body fit when you feel Al Feena has got your belly full. Coming to Leicester could be your place what else could Leicester offer you after winning the Premier League. Found the King Richard the III under a care park.

Saints of Mokha by David Mensah

What a good way to end your night at Saints of Mokha with an Almond Latte. A friend of mine showed me a cafe she goes to, when she wanted to have a nice evening with friends while having coffee. So I also decided to go and see for myself. And even before that, I went their Instagram page to check how good they make the coffees for their customers. It looked good as a matter of fact.  Now, what I had left was to have a good at the cafe. I got in, ordered my Almond coffee for the night. While I waited for it, the guy I met who was Omar who was a staff, we had a good chat while he made the coffee and also keeping me company because I went alone. I asked him if the cafe had WiFi and he said yes. I quickly switched my WiFi. Couldn’t wait to start using it. As I logged on, my Almond coffee was ready. I enjoyed every bit of my Almond Latte. The staff were friendly, had a good night and time there. I’ll definitely go there again if I have the chance.

National Space Center by David Mensah

Tips when you going to The National Space Center;

The best time to go to there is at 10 am onward. That’s when you see a lot of people there. My friends and I went on a college trip and we stayed there the whole almost the whole from half 9 to 4pm. A lot of people weren’t there in the first hour and it looked a bit empty except for the staff.

Get yourself camera or use your phone to take pictures because these days you know, going to place without having a camera can take away good memories of your time there with friends or family.

Get lunch when you’re going in case you don’t like the food they sell. The have a place inside you can eat like a canteen.

Don’t go alone because It’s fun to go with friends and family. You’ll have a good time with them than being alone and not knowing what to do on 3 floors.

Dolce and Verde by David Mensah

Dolce and Verde is now my favorite cafe in the afternoon.

One of the things I love about the place is that, they have a free traditional tap water you can drink from. You can always fill up your bottle up in town when its finished. Really ideal for travelers. I think some cafes are missing a lot on not having a tap in their cafes. It will be a nice treat to visit, if you ever came to Leicester. My friends and I planned to go Dolce and Verde this afternoon to have a bit of a catch up and have a good afternoon. The place looked really professional and clean. Having the chance to go around the counter to have a look of how it feels to be behind the counter was great. I love how their staff had the smile factor. It looked genuine and something I felt was from their heart. People coming in and out made me think they were actually regular customers who enjoyed coming in.

  • John
    Posted at 16:37h, 16 dicembre Rispondi

    Awesome Stuff!! Makes me want to go there on a road trip now 🙂

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