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A tiny fraction of Hong Kong

by Maysamnatalie from Sweden

Hong Kong is a city known for high skyscrapers, wonderful dim sum restaurants around every corner and the lively nightlife at the famous bar street, Lan Kwai Fong. I was only able to experience a tiny fraction of wonderfulness during my short stay in Hong Kong and that wonderfulness is something I want to be able to share with everyone.

Hong Kong, Dragon’s back by Maysamnatalie

Dragon’s Back

Rated as one of Hong Kong’s most popular hikes and after been there myself, I can absolutely understand why. The easy trail of Dragon’s Back provides a peaceful green nature and a beautiful costal scenery as you make your way up. Even though it is an easy trail, remember to bring water with you and stop to rest from time to time.  If the hike wasn’t rewarding enough for you, at the end of the trail you will reach Big Wave Bay Beach.

Hong Kong, Sheung Luk by Maysamnatalie

Big Wave Bay Beach

The water here is clean and the rocky structure around the beach is something you do not want to miss. Big Way Bay is a less crowded beach compared to many other beaches, although it is known as the Surfers Beach because of the waves can often winds up. If you’re not into surfing, a relaxing dip and swim is always possible.

Shueng Luk Stream (Sai Kung)

For those who is looking for a little bit more thrill such as jumping off cliffs into a pool of water with a small clean waterfall, Sheung Luk Stream is the place I would absolutely recommend. It is a little bit hidden and to get here takes about one hour hike, but it is totally worthwhile! Not only will you have lot of fun here, you will also get to enjoy the natural beauty of the nature surrounding the steam. Also, taking the speedboat back to Sai Kung at the end of the day is yet another high recommendation from me.

Hong Kong, Tsz Shan Monastery by Maysamnatalie

Tsz Shan Monastery

Is a large Buddhist monastery that is located in Tai Po District and for me it was a very spiritual experience. The natural quiet environment provides a very calming and an uplifting spiritual energy as you hear the chants from the monks. I really enjoyed the activities such as water offering, calligraphy and the meditation walk around the Guanyin statue. To visit Tsz Shan Monastery a booking beforehand is needed. Also appropriately dressing is something to keep in mind since you will be visiting a monastery.

Hong Kong, Then thousand Buddha by Maysamnatalie

Ten Thousand Buddha

Yet another unique monastery and to get there I had to defeat 430 flights of steps on a steep concrete path. Oh right, did I mention it was uphill? As you make your way up to the monastery, you will be accompanied by life-sized golden painted Buddha statues. None of the statues looks the same because of their own unique features, which makes the whole trip way more entertaining and special!

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