Hoboh.net - The wild coast of Pouliguen, France
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The wild coast of Pouliguen, France

by Cloé Vié  from France

I will talk to you about the wild coast of Pouliguen.
One part of my family lives in Pouliguen for more than twenty years, there are approximately 4500 people living there. There is port, beach, creperies, restaurants, … This is tourist city, less calm than the wild coast. Their specialty “niniche” (to confectionery Mignon), black wheat crepe (creperie “Les Korrigans”), galette, caramel, salted butter caramel. After short stroll : nothing better than a small sweetness. The Pouliguen is close to La Baule, a not quiet city.
I was on my family home and I was at 5 minutes on bike of the wild coast. I was over there in February, there was nobody, it was very quiet because the school holidays had no begun.
When I go there, I really love to go in the wild coast of Pouliguen.The wild coast extends over 12 kilometers and she crosses several cities like Batz Sur Mer, Le Croisic, Le Pouliguen. There are many houses along the coast.
I really love this place because when I was over there, with the sound of waves on rocks, the pure area, no pollution and without the noise from big cities : I feel good, soothed, quiet…
This is heathly, sweet, good place where you can rest, think about nothing, watching the water, walk, ride a bike, walk the dog, take a nap or take pictures like me ahah.
This type of place is pleasant because you empty your hand.I go over-there from my three years and I still like this place.
One day I was there for sunrise but I didn’t had my camera. Shame on me. It was magical moment.
    Posted at 12:48h, 16 novembre Rispondi

    in French. Les photos sont très belles, le texte est un peu difficile pour moi,mais bravo!

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