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Mexico, adventure in the reserve of the biosphere of Sian Ka’an

Mayan Sian Ka’an means “where the sun rises“. When this begins to hide it is time to leave. Abandonment with this beach of fine sand and cold to return to Cancun.

by Idoya Nanin  from Spain

Mexico, in-the shallow waters of Sian Ka’an by Idoya Nanin

Jungle and wetlands i am surprised by the findings with the Mayan Riviera ! Lakes, lagoons, mangroves, coral reefs, forests cover this area virtually depopulated. Sian Ka’an features a breathtaking wildlife.  In its interior i have lived a unique experience in contact with nature!

Mexico, The Barque of Punta Allen by Idoya Nanin

I advise you to make the visit of an organized form. The book offers a comprehensive list of activities: swim in the cenote Ben-Ha, visit Boca Paila, sail by the lake Chunyaxché, climbing the mayan pyramid of Muyil. At least you can visit 27 mayan ruins! Are small temples erected as places of pilgrimage or for sacred rituals.

Mexico, Allen Restaurants in Punta Allen by Idoya Nanin

My adventure is to visit “Punta Allen” ! A small fishing village of lobsters with its sandy streets and its great wild beach. Part of the way in 4×4. We are going through and we know the forest. The poor state of the roads forces us to follow up to destination on boat. Set sail for almost two hours while we sighted turtles and dolphins.

Mexico, pibil Kitchen by Idoya Nanin

While I do snorkelling i feel like a mermaid living in a fishbowl with calm waters and full of life. I see corals, manta ray, turtles, dolphins and a myriad of fish from the world’s most beautiful colors. You must be careful not to damage the corals as its growth process the very slow. In a neglect can break your years of work. ¡ This experience you can’t miss ! After a time of rest in shallow waters. I get lost between the blue of the sky and the turquoise waters of the sea.

Mexico, the café Lejano by Idoya Nanin

Punta Allen receives me with its giant palm trees in the long beach that is lost the end in sight. A few cozy restaurants to eat overlooking the sea and a few simple accommodation make up this small town. In the table we expected the same food that took the fishermen in the morning went out to search for lobsters. Chicken pibil; seasoned with achiote, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an earth oven.

Mexico, manglares mangrove swamp by Idoya Nanin

I enjoy an organic coffee in the region of Chiapas in the “coffee”. Italian coffee prepared with fire of butane and excellent know-how. Grind the coffee at the time and it amazes me the aroma. For 30 pesos (just over a dollar and a half) took one of the best coffees that I remember. While I have the legend about the name of the people; is due to its founder Blackbeard whose ship was called “Allen”. The neighbors are quiet through the streets between one task and another dealt greetings and chat.

Mayan Sian Ka’an means “where the sun rises”. When this begins to hide it is time to leave. Abandonment with this beach of fine sand and cold to return to Cancun. I write in the sand of the beach, “I ‘ll be back” with a branch that encounter on the shore as a desire to fulfill.

If you want read more by Idoya Nanin click on  pasearte.es

Mexico, entry to Sian Ka’an by Idoya Nanin
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