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Kayak in Dubrovnik, life changing

by Maria Luiza Mainart from Brazil

 Dubrovnik, wishing it would never end by Maria Luiza Mainart

Dubrovnik is one of the most amazing places in the world. It’s worth a visit in any day of the year, but there’s something special about going during the Croatian summer. Dubrovnik is vibrant with heat waves and there are many ways to enjoy it in between visits to the Wall, the old city and Game of Thrones walking tours. Kayaking is one of the open air options to appreciate the crystal clear water from the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik, starting point by Maria Luiza Mainart

I’ve always been afraid of the sea, although I’m able to swim; being in the middle of the ocean far from the land scares me so much that those kinds of activities are never my first options of fun. They sound more like challenges and adventures, but my boyfriend doesn’t think that way. The moment we step foot in Dubrovnik he saw the tours options by the wall entrance and said “we have to go kayaking”, I answered “yeah sure” thinking it was just a random “never actually going to happen” comment.

Dubrovnik, kayak friends by Maria Luiza Mainart

Unfortunately or very fortunately that wasn’t true, he actually meant it and so we paid and booked the tour for the next day. I couldn’t say no, it sounded so exciting, but I couldn’t help thinking “oh my god I’m kayaking tomorrow”. I was also very excited, we had a wonderful sunny time sightseeing in Dubrovnik and then Kayak day arrived.

Dubrovnik, entering the cave by Maria Luiza Mainart

We booked for the afternoon so we could catch the wonderful sunset behind the walls from the sea. We left about 5PM, from one of those incredible places where they shoot Game of Throne scenes. I was worried about everything, I had kayaked before but I didn’t remember how to properly row and I was afraid of falling in the sea and being caught by gigantic fishes or something more terrible.

Dubrovnik, the city-of-game-of-thrones
Dubrovnik, the city of game of thrones by Maria Luiza Mainart

But kayaking is about freedom. It’s the sun burning your skin softly, lighting your mind, making you feel as if everything in the world could be as amazing as being in the middle of the ocean hearing stories about Dubrovnik and Croatia. It’s about not being worried and just thinking of the next adventure to more amazing places.

Dubrovnik, happiest people in the world by Maria Luiza Mainart

We reached this stunning beach inside a cave, the kind of place I had never seen before. And then there it was the sun, setting behind the magnificent wall of Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever had in my life.

Dubrovnik, kayak friends by Maria Luiza Mainart

I still compare my days to that one, and I rarely have the same breathtaking feeling of fun and freedom. I’ve heard once that life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. And I owe this wonderful day to my boyfriend, for whom the world is never a challenge, but always a lot of fun. Don’t be narrow-minded, lose yourself to the moments you’d never give a chance if it wasn’t for someone else saying “why not?”.

Dubrovnik, beach in a cave by Maria Luiza Mainart
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