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Hawaii, e hele ‘oe! Go!

by Nainoa Andrade from United States

Whenever I go places and meet new people, I always get asked about what Hawaii is like, or how it feels to be Hawaiian. Sometimes I even get asked if we still live in grass shacks, wear hula skirts or pay our food with seashells.Whatever the case was, I always liked busting their myths and telling them actual fun places to go to! When I sell my photos at craft fairs, I always write the locations of where i’ve been when taking them. Today, I’d like to share a few places that I love the most out of all my adventures.

Hawaii, the beginning by Nainoa Andrade

This picture was taken on the North Shore of O’ahu and the shorebreak is called Ke ‘Iki, but a lot of people say Keikis (Kay-e-Keys). Compared to the Wedge shorebreak in California, this is the strongest shorebreak in the world. The sand sucks up to 4-5 feet, and the waves break well over 10 feet! If you want to see the breaks framed beautifully, I’d suggest looking at Clark Little’s gallery, you won’t regret it! But be warned; don’t bodysurf the break unless you’re an expert at swimming and diving. You can see just as much colors when you’re watching from the shore. Just like my friends in this photo.

Hawaii, splash by Nainoa Andrade

When taking my sister’s Senior pictures for high school, we ended going to this location called China Walls, located near the residential areas of Hawaii Kai. Since it is a frequently visited place for the view and it’s glorious sunsets, you can Google Map your Way there. In the middle of taking her pictures, I noticed the waves were huge and a little “toilet bowl” cave to the left was spitting white wash high into the sky. “I have to take a picture of this now!” I told myself. After getting my camera gear and clothes soaking wet, I was able to capture a few snippets of the water splashing. Since then, this has become my most popular print I own.

Hawaii, night lights by Nainoa Andrade

If you’re on the Big Island, Kaua’i or Moloka’i, it’s a but easier to get night photography without the light pollution from the city. But since I live far away from the city, I was able to get this nice shot! I just recently got into night time photography, but I absolutely love it! This goes to show that sometimes the farthest you need to travel to capture fantastic moments is right in your backyard!

Hawaii, grindz by Nainoa Andrade

But hey! We can’t forget about the food! Has a local bradah of the ‘aina (land), I love my seafood and meats, right along side my veggies. But if you want some really good food when you’re traveling the North Shore, stop by Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. While they have other foods you’d love to try, their Garlic Shrimp Plate Lunch is something you’d die for (not literally, but you know what I mean, lol!)

Hawaii, Nā Pali by Nainoa Andrade

When I was visiting a friend of mines a few months ago, I visited to Kauaʻi to see her and her family. I was taken on hikes that made the Diamond Head hike on Oʻahu seem like a child’s hike. Although the island might be small in comparison to other islands, Nā Pali definitely takes the cake in being the most beautiful set of valleys and cliffs iʻve ever seen! After a 4-5 hike, we ended us racing down from the north part of Kauaʻi to the south to get on a boat cruise that traveled towards the northeast part of Nā Pali, and then back to Waimea Harbor. Out of the whole vacation, this was definitely my top three best boat rides ever!

Hawaii, Pipeline by Nainoa Andrade

Next to Keʻiki beach is the famous Pipeline surf break. There’s history here since the ancient Hawaiian times, but itʻs also had a huge impact on modern society since the 1970ʻs. When you see the perfect barrel pearling and breaking, the crisp blue water flowing upwards, that classic left break starts and the thunder-like clap of the white wash crashing down,  you know youʻre in for a treat of a lifetime.

Hawaii, spotted by Nainoa Andrade

Trick Photography is something iʻve always seen on social media, and always caught my attention as to how they made it possible. When UH Productions and myself went to film the HCSS 50th Conference is Waikaloa, Hawaii, we spent our last day hiking up to Annaʻs Pond in Waimea. Hiking in slippers probably wasn’t the greatest decision, but jumping off into the cold pond was exciting and fricken freezing! I saw this location on the way back and I asked my best friend Tony to pose for me! And this is how the photo came to be!

I hope my stories and pictures have made you want to visit Hawaii or at least one of the Hawaiian Islands! Just remember one critical thing; treat the land and its people with respect, for you are the visitors. And in return, the land and the people will give you double the respect and give you great things to photograph!

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