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Golden Horseshoe of Ukraine

by Inga Dombrovsky from Ukraine

If someone ask me “why do you travel?”, I will answer that it is like a fresh breathe, like a bright light in my ordinary life. We paint our lives in different colours and everyone choose in which way to do it, as for me – it is traveling. So one of my best trip in Ukraine is road-trip to three the most beautiful castles which are located in Lviv oblast and named “Golden Horseshoe of Ukraine”.

Ukraine, on the way to Lvivby by Inga Dombrovska

Pidgoretsky Castle

My first point on the map was Pidgoretsky Castle. I have heard nothing about it before that day but when I came to Lviv I decided to do something memorable and exiting. It was so simple to find a small travel company in the center of Lviv, which solved my small problem to decide where I would like to go. Of course, rise was early because every minute had a value, every traveler know it.

Ukraine, peoples on the street by Inga Dombrovska

Two words must everyone knows about the castle: It is well-preserved Renaissance palace which is surrounded by fortifications and has a park belongs to the monuments of landscape gardening art of national importance.
First that I saw was long alley with flowers on the left side and small Saint Iosif’s  Church on the right side. I wasn’t expected that it would be so amazing, like the picture come true and all colours made me felt calm and happy. By the way, it was late spring, not so warm and not so cold, perfect weather for trips like that.

Ukraine, Pidgoretsky Castle by Inga Dombrovska

I strongly believe that castles like Pidgoretsky usually have it’s own small secrets and stories which make their own atmosphere. The castle was first own by polish nobleman, the legend says that he actually was buried his wife alive in the wall because she was unable to bare children. And now the White lady was being seen around the castle and a lot of people think her to be the polish nobleman’s wife, who is walking around it.

Ukraine, the Chinese Palace by Inga Dombrovska

Zolochiv Castle

The next stop was Zolochiv castle which was a residence of the Sobieski noble family on the hill at the confluence of two small rivers. It consists of two palaces: The Sobieski castle and The Chinese Palace.

When I was walking on the small bridge and came through the large wooden gate, I appeared in the yard. I had a feeling, like it is another world, the world of the past.

Every part of this world was important, full of beauty and old stories.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit The Chinese palace but I was very exiting of other parts of Zolochiv castle.

There is the royal rooms with ancient furniture and secret passage inside of it.

One of the most interesting rooms is the big throne-room with its red colours.

Ukraine, Small library in the castle by Inga Dombrovska

This castle has one feature. These are the mystical stones with the gothic inscriptions, which were found near the Novocilky village. The legend says that it is a secret message to the treasures of the Templars orders. Now scientists can’t spell out this message but everyone can put their finger into the small hole and scroll it clockwise for their wishes come true.

Ukraine, the patio of the castle by Inga Dombrovska

Olesko castle 

Finally, my last stop was Olesko castle and to be honest I expected nothing special from this place. My expectations were wrong. It stands on the top of a small hill, nearly fifty meters in height and looks so majestically.

There are a moat and a wall, which surronded the castle and serve as a defense for it.

The castle is encircle by the beautiful land and park so when you are on the top you can see amazing landscapes and feel fresh wind on your skin.

It is one of the oldest castles in Ukraine with one of the longest history.
For those people who are not interesting in the story or don’t like going up the hills at all is the cozy restaurant on the territory of the castle. You can enjoy the atmosphere and taste Ukrainian delicious dishes there.

Ukraine, amazing sight from the roof by Inga Dombrovska

That road-trip was so amazing and memorable for me. It helps me to realize how beautiful Ukraine is and how much interesting it has. This country hides thousand places and keep thousand stories, which we can find and enjoy.

  • Richard Phipps
    Posted at 20:54h, 27 giugno Rispondi

    Lovely post Inga. I read a lot about many nations whenever I’m not travelling and admittedly Ukraine is one of those I know very little about. It’s interesting to see things outside Kiev though, a nice alternative to visiting a capital like most tourists tend to do. I love castles too!

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