Hoboh - From the wilderness to the Kennet Island
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From The Wilderness to the Kennet Island

by Eugene Tumusiime  from England

The wilderness by Eugene Tumusiime

Moving to a new town really takes you out of your element, especially when you rarely ever leave your university campus. I go to the University of Reading, England and 5 months into my first year it hit me that I barely know the town. (Or the city. Nobody really knows which one it is.) As a photographer, this is a cardinal sin.

Oh, and before you continue reading, you have to know; I play with colour a lot.

Chalkboard Cafe by Eugene Tumusiime

To make up for this, I threw on a Tame Impala album and had a walk around Reading. My photo walks usually have no real final destination; as long as I can retrace my steps and my phone has enough charge, I’m good. I started at The Wilderness, a gorgeous woodland area on my campus that looks beautiful even with withered trees. Getting there at the break of dawn made for some breathtaking shots.

Escaping the town by Eugene Tumusiime

After my brief adventure there, I made a stop at the Chalkboard Cafe for one of the nicer Rocky Roads I’ve had in my lifetime and a chance to relax, go full-blown red flannel hipster and edit some of my shots. It’s cosy there, I could easily see that becoming my regular hot chocolate stop.

Riverside houses by Eugene Tumusiime

A short bus ride into town later, and I was at the real starting point of my journey, the River Kennet that runs right through Reading. I have a thing for rivers. The gradual transition from urban sprawl to riverside calm really sneaks up on me, there’s nothing like reaching that moment where I can’t hear a car for miles.

Kennet development by Eugene Tumusiime

So naturally, you can imagine my surprise when I see a giant crane and two half-built office blocks in the distance. It made for a good shot, so I investigated.

Kennet Island by Eugene Tumusiime

This was part of a neighbourhood called Kennet Island, a recently-built upscale neighbourhood just outside of town featuring a hotel, a nice plaza and some of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in my life. From here on in, this place will be referred to as Architecture Photography Heaven.

Dealership by Eugene Tumusiime

Have you ever been to a place so beautiful you felt like breaking into full on song-and-dance like no one was watching? A spring in my step was a serious understatement. The place was almost deserted, but I imagine that the few people that saw me taking pictures thought I was either carrying out reconnaissance or high. It felt like both, to an extent.

Pretty in pink by Eugene Tumusiime

Unfortunately, my phone was running out of charge so my daydream was cut short. I left Architecture Photography Heaven with the biggest smirk on my face and my own perfect photo spot. You might “know” your town, but you might not have a real appreciation for it. Maybe on a sunny day, or whenever you see a river, take an hour, throw on your favourite album and just take a walk in any direction. 

You never know what you might find.

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