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Exploring Ljusdal

by Nina Linderholm  from Sweden

This one’s going to be about how to explore a new place without having to travel far och spend a lot of money. It may not be a place where lots of tourist visit but it’s beautiful and maybe it will get you inspired to explore more of your surroundings at home.

Me and my boyfriend had been thinking for some time that we should move away from Stockholm, the biggest city of Sweden. This fall we decided and in the beginning of January we left the capital of Sweden for a small town called Ljusdal. Ljusdal is placed where the northern parts of Sweden begins. It’s been amazing since then. It’s peaceful and calm here and we have lot’s of time to spend in nature. With us on all our mini adventures we have our dog Kulan. He is an 17 months old hovawart and right now we have him in training for a longer hike this summer. We take lots of pictures of him on every trip.

by Nina Linderholm  from Sweden

We bought this map over the area where we live. It has all the forest roads and little trails marked. So every time we want to go out to explore we look at this map and point out a trail and go there to check it out. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment for this kind of mini adventures. A cell phone is good for emergencies and works great as a camera. I take most of my pictures with my phone actually. But the most important thing to bring is coffee. We always have coffee with us. Nothing better than to take a break at a beautiful spot and have a cup of coffee while listening to the sounds of nature. Now I’m going to tell you just a little bit about a few places we visited so far.


We heard about this place and decided we needed to make a visit. It’s a great view from up here and there’s a lot of trails around the forest to walk. When we visited it was still a lot of snow so we didn’t walk that far. We’re absolutely going to visit this place again when the snow is gone. There’s a little cabin up here which you can rent if you want. We made our lunch here that day while Kulan was running free checking everything out.


This forest is very close to where we live. It’s a never ending forest it feels like and there are trails and forest roads in every direction. You could walk for hours and hours here and it’s so beautiful. Now and then you come across such amazing views it’s breathtaking. I’m happy we have this so close to our home. We go here to think and relax, we go for our runs in this forest and also during winter it has tracks for cross country skiing!

Måga and Ljusnanleden

This is a trail we’ve been walking a couple of times. We’ve only been doing a short part of it. Longer hikes will be done this summer. It’s a nice trail, easy to walk and goes along the shore of the river Ljusnan. We’ve happy that it has been so easily walked even during winter and can’t wait to walk it now that the snow is going away and spring is around the corner! Here we found a perfect spot for our loved coffee break.

We have both been reading about a lake, called Gröntjärn, that should be very special with amazingly crystal clear water and decided we should go there for a visit. We packed the car for a day outside and brought some firewood to make a fire and cook lunch out in the wild. This was the first time we had to change our plans. Since we don’t know all the roads here yet it happened to be a very small forest road up there and still with lots of snow on it. We decided we weren’t taking the risk to get stuck in the forest so we changed our plans. Turned the car around and found another lake where we stopped. It was a bit grey and windy day but we made our fire and cooked our meal outside. Here’s a picture from that day when we’re making some waffles.

As I said earlier some of the trails and roads on the map are hard to get to now during winter and early spring but when it gets warmer we’re going to pick up the pace and explore more! You should too! It doesn’t have to be hard and a lot of work. Just put on your shoes and go out there. Good luck with your mini adventures.


Nina Linderholm, Sweden




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