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Discover Cancun, Mexico

by Ana Carolina Zólio  from Brazil

My trip was to a place that really touched my heart: Cancun – Mexico! A cozy place that appeals to all types of travelers: couples, singles, families, friends … The trip happened in May 2017 and lasted only 1 week, but it certainly paid off!
Tips for places and tours
I and a friend closed our trip with an agency here in Brazil, and we booked the all inclusive resort Park Royal Cancun. Simple place but that accommodated us perfectly in those seven days. (Food, pool, quality room service).
Cancun by Ana Carolina Zólio

1. Our tours were all chosen within the hotel’s services, which we think compares for availability and values.

Cancun by Ana Carolina Zólio

2. Xcaret Park: Ecological park the size of a city! For those who enjoy nature, it is an ideal trip, great cost-benefit, activities throughout the park and an aquatic walk through submerged rivers that tell the history of the Mayan people! At the end of the day the traveler has a Mexican show about culture and history of this wonderful country! (included: transportation, entrance to the park, lunch and evening show).

Cancun, Isla das Mujeres by Ana Carolina Zólio
3. Isla Mujeres
Boat trip, lunch with friends and an incredible dive of sborkel on the high seas, where you find fish and you can see the statues of women in the sea bottom, reason of the name of the island.
Cancun by Ana Carolina Zólio
4. Dolphins:
It’s simply exciting! You can find the dolphin swim tour in Xcaret Park or in Isla Mujeres (where it compensates more because the swim is on the high seas).
Cancun, Cenote by Ana Carolina Zólio
5. Chichen Itza
This tour lasts almost all day, as well as discovering one of the seven wonders of the world, you will uncover an incredible natural freshwater cenote with a purifying energy. Knowing the Yucatan pyramid, the ruins and their stories and all Mayan culture will be worth the trip!
Cancun, Chichen Itza by Ana Carolina Zólio
6. Nightlife:
Cancun offers nightlife for all styles. A unique energy! You can not leave without knowing the Coco Bongo shows, it’s incredible.
Another ballad that deserves attention is The city nightclub, the place is giant and lots of good music!
Mandala, Mandala Beach, Mr. Froggs will also get your attention. And for the more relaxed Congo and La Vaca bars are great and very lively with Latin music!
Cancun, by Ana Carolina Zólio
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