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Chasing the Sun in Melbourne

by Deepinder Arora from India

Melbourne, St-Kilda-Pier by Deepinder Aurora

I arrived in Melbourne last year not for travel, but for doing my Masters. However, after living here for more than a year I can safely say I’d like to call this place as my home. As with any other University Student, I travelled around Melbourne and Victoria during Easter break in Autumn (Spring in the northern hemisphere) and during summer break (again, winter break during the end of the year). Mentioning the fact that I am a student and I manage my expenses through part-time jobs and support from my family, my explorations/travels were done on a student budget. Here is a list of must see places in and around Melbourne/Victoria, Australia.

Melbourne, StKilda Road Southbank by Deepinder Aurora

St. Kilda Road/Southbank

If you are a fan of free sight-seeing and are also amazed by city skylines, I doubt you’d be able to go to a better place than this. The view of the Melbourne City Skyline and the Yarra River which flows through is simply outstanding from St. Kilda Road. It is best viewed during dawn or dusk. On one side you are able to see Southbank which includes the Eureka Tower and Crown Casino among other landmarks and on the other side you are able to view the MCG.

Melbourne, split point light house by Deepinder Aurora

St. Kilda Beach

If it is a bright sunny day and above 20 degree Celsius, you can bet that you’d find almost 50% of Melbourne’s population hanging out at St. Kilda Beach. In addition to being a great place to get a tan and have a couple of beers, during the evening you are also able to view penguins along the pier and also get an amazing view of the sunset.

Melbourne, Brighton Beach by Deepinder Aurora

Brighton Beach

If you type Melbourne and Beach on google images, the first image you are going to get is of the colourful bathing houses placed on Brighton Beach. These are a great tourist attraction and you will be able to get amazing touristy pictures at this place if you do want to. Again, if you want to just chill out on the beach, the best days to go to are when its warm, bright and sunny. However, if you do want cool pictures alongside the bathing boxes I would go on a day when it is a little cool so that there are not many people over there, since it does get very crowded during warm days.

Melbourne, Princes Pier by Deepinder Aurora

Princes Pier/Port Melbourne Beach

Whether you like photography or not, if you like viewing sunsets and just see the sky explode into all shades of red, orange and yellow you can’t go to a better place than the “famous” Princes Pier in Port Melbourne. I state famous in quotes since it is one of the quietest and serene beach in Melbourne despite being very famous. It is said that every sunset is different but you realise the truth in the quote only when you visit this place a few times. Personally, I visit this place once every 2 weeks if not often and I can safely say that this place would be one of the best in Australia to view sunsets from.

Melbourne, Grampians National Park by Deepinder Aurora

Grampians National Park

The Grampians is a nature reserve almost 250kms from Melbourne and is famous for its sandstone mountains. It provides a number of hiking opportunities for all types of adventure seekers out there. If you are like me and are always short of time you can do a day trip to the park and do the Pinnacle hike, which is a 2.1km hike to the highest lookout of the National Park where the views are just astounding.

Melbourne, 12 Apostles by Deepinder Aurora

Arthurs Seat

Arthurs seat is the highest point of the Mornington Peninsula, located about 75kms from Melbourne. It is another amazing place to go on a day trip and capture the sunset and if you’re lucky, maybe spot a few kangaroos hopping around. From the lookout, you are able get a panoramic view of the whole peninsula and capture an amazing sunset, if you like to.

Melbourne, Great Ocean Road by Deepinder Aurora

Great Ocean Road

No trip to Melbourne can be complete without a drive along the Great Ocean Road. The views throughout the road, till the 12 Apostles are simply breath-taking. In contrast to other places around Victoria, I would recommend doing an overnight stay at Apollo Bay when doing the Great Ocean Road Trip. The reason for this is two-fold, firstly it’s a little over 500km drive from Melbourne and back, which would just make it very tiring if doing it in one day, and secondly the sunrise in Apollo Bay is a must-view. Doing a day trip would also allow for viewing of the Split Point Light House and Cape Otway Lightstation along the way to the 12 Apostles, which are limestone structures and view to be seen.

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