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Burias Group of Island x Alibijaban, Hidden Paradise of the Philippines

By Mark Joseph Magallon  from Philippines

Philippines, San Andres Port, Quezon by Mark Joseph Magallon

It is no secret that Philippines is a home of beautiful beaches, white sands, amazing landscapes, and many more. Many of you may probably heard of Boracy, Palawan and Puerto Princesa, maybe those places I have mentioned are one of your target destinations in the Philippines. But after the trip we had, I think you should also consider Burias Island, Masbate! Lacking of colorful blinding lights of beach bars like other resorts, it is perfect if you are looking for quietness and if you want to be more intimate with nature.

Philippines, keep in mind that the boat ride can be bumpy, strong current greeted us on our trip by Mark Joseph Magallon

It took us 6-8 hour ride from Manila to arrive at San Andres port. Quite a road trip right? But I promise you, it’s all worth it! From San Andres port, a two-hour boat ride will take you to our first destination, the Animasola Island.

Philippines, Animasola rock by Mark Joseph Magallon

Animasola’s beauty lies on its enchanting rock formations. Seeing those rocks and its layers will make you wonder how long it took the nature to form this magnificent scenery. So make sure you take your time exploring Animasola. It rocks!

Philippines, the famous Sombrero Rock by Mark Joseph Magallon

Sombrero Island, camp under a million of stars

Another hour of boat ride brought us to Sombrero Island, which is a perfect place to spend your night on. Like all of the other islands in Burias, you will love Sombrero’s fine white sand, beautiful landscapes and its clear water. The sun is almost setting when we arrived, (bummer, no sunset pictures) so we set up our tent, have our dinner and spent the rest of our night doing night photography! If you love taking pictures like us, you will have a great time in Sombrero.

Philippines by Mark Joseph Magallon

Shooting at moonlit sky creates an amazing effect, I recommend you should try it! Or if you are lucky, the galactic center is also visible in Sombrero.

As the sun rises, we quickly packed our things so that we can arrive earlier on the remaining islands.

Philippines, the Bat Cave by Mark Joseph Magallon

Tinalisayan Island, the Most Beautiful Island in Burias

Getting off the boat and seeing the island for the first time, our jaw quickly dropped on how beautiful Tinalisayan is! With its white powdery sand, crystal clear water, and divine scenery, Tinalisayan is a place like no other. It is a paradise! Trust me, no words and pictures can do this island justice.

I suggest to spend the most of your time here. Swim, camp, and relax. Even though it is high tide when we arrived and the sand bar is not visible, it didn’t take any away from the fun that we had.

Philippines, the Bat Cave by Mark Joseph Magallon

Alibijaban Island, Mangroves 

The last Island that we visited was Alibijaban. It was a couple of hours away from Tinalisayan and 10-20 mins away from the port. Alibijaban is famous of its Mangrove Trees but it may also be the most crowded place in Burias Group of Island. Alibijaban’s sand bar and mangrove trees are quite a scene. A nice place to visit before ending your trip.

We had the time of our lives at Burias and so will you. Now go, pack your things, and don’t hesitate to be a castaway in this beautiful part of our planet. Enjoy nature at its purest form.

Philippines, Alibijaban Island by Mark Joseph Magallon
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