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Brazil, my experience in Capitólio and Minas Gerais

by Julieth Silva  from Brazil

In the begining of january, my husband and I travellnd strait do Capitólio on Minas Gerais. We live in Rio de Janeiro, and we make our trip on car. It was 9 hours on the road. And we found the paradise. Fresh air, mountais and waterfalls. It was everything that we nedded.

The city has a hydroelectric, and the dam make a beautiful and indescribable landscape.

First Day – The day was taken a half by the road, but in this very day we visited the Mirante do Canion de Furnas. To get there, you have to go in the road MG-050 and pullover by the Km 306.

Click here to see the map 

I’m afraid to say that is the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. See for yourself.

Photo by Julieth Silva

Right there, on the side, there is a waterfall named Dicadinha or Diquadinha. The begginig stays on the other side of the road, and it makes crystalline water little swimming pools.

Photo by Julieth Silva

Second Day – In this second day we made the tour called “Trilha do Sol”. The entry value is R$ 35,00 per person. There are 3 trails, very easy to do, that guides you to 3 different waterfalls. The first is “Cachoeira No Limite” (In The Limit Waterfall). We maded about 35 minutes to get there. The water is unbelievable transparent, and it’s not that cold that we’ve imagining. Thanks God, LOL.

Photo by Julieth Silva

The second waterfall is named “Cachoeira do Grito” (Scream Waterfall). We took another 30 minutes of trail to get there. It’s biggier than the first, and equally wonderfull. The name of this waterfall is suggestive, because you can jump in the main fall, screaming loudly.

Photo by Julieth Silva

The third waterfall is called “Poço Dourado” (Golden Well). We got there after more 40 minutes of trail. It’s the least of them all, but it has a beautiful look. People who visit the waterfall have the habit of balancing a pebble on top of the other, forming a beautiful landscape.

Photo by Julieth Silva

Third Day – The third day was the day we took the boat trip. Indicated by the hotel where we stayed, we closed the tour that leaves the Turvo Restaurant, in fact it is the Náutica Turvo (well known in Capitólio). It cost R $ 70.00 per person. The tour takes 2:00 and passes through 3 points on Lake Furnas. The first was “Lagoa Azul”. The second was on the Canyon Waterfall. The third is the “Paredão do Ninho dos Tucanos” (wall of the Toucan’s Nest).

Photo by Julieth Silva

Fourth day – The fourth day had that goodbye goodbye. We decided to go to Lagoa Azul. It was the first stop of the boat the day before, and we felt we still had enough to know there. The entrance costs $ 30.00 per person and you can spend the whole day in the place, go out and return after the time you want, just stay with the bracelet they give at the entrance. But the entrance time is until 17:00.

Photo by Julieth Silva

What I think about of the city

We stayed in Capitólio, but in the district of Furnas, right next to the same dam hydropower. I found it calm, peaceful and beautiful too. And Capitol itself, it’s all beautiful. Every corner of the city is especially beautiful. Perfect destination for those who enjoy being in direct contact with nature, for those who seek a little peace, for those who want to “escape” a little of the madness of the big city. Besides being well advised to travel there.

Photo by Julieth Silva

What I think abaout from the hotel

Simple that works. As I already mentioned in the post, we stayed at Chão Nativo, which is also a restaurant. The service is very good, they are well behaved and friendly. The cleanliness is excellent. The room has everything you need: good bed, air conditioning, hot shower, mini fridge and wifi. I found the price quite cool, too. Oh, and the food is VERY good.

Photo by Julieth Silva

What I recommend to do in Capitólio

I highly recommend doing the Sun Trail, the motorboat ride through Lake Furnas, getting to know the Blue Lagoon and watch the sunset at the viewpoint of the Furnas hydroelectric power plant. And although I have not managed to make Paradise Lost, I recommend it anyway because the photos I saw are fantastic.

What I recommend DO NOT do in Capitólio

Everyone knows about themselves, but I would not go back to the Filó Waterfall. And about lodging, I would not recommend staying in Capitol (the same center), nor in Piumhi (we had seen this option while searching). The best thing is to stay in Furnas, because everything that is going to be practically is next to the hydroelectric dam.

Total travel costs:

Fuel: R$354.53 (1200km in total)

Stay: R$1000.00 (4 days on the “Chão Nativo” hotel)

Food: R$ 581,00 (8 meals + snacks)

Entrances/tours: R$260,00 (boat + EcoPark + Lagoa Azul + Trilha do Sol)

I hope that I have helped you to know a little more about the paradise that is Capitol Hill.


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  • Julieth Silva
    Posted at 18:22h, 24 March Reply

    I’m so grateful to had the opportunity to write for your eonderful blog. Thank you Hoboh! ❤✌🏻

    • Hoboh
      Posted at 18:52h, 17 April Reply

      Thank you too! 🙂

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