Hoboh.net - 5 Days in Norway
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5 Days in Norway

by Jonas Togo from Denmark

Norway, Campsite near Trolltunga by Jonas Togo


The hike to Trolltunga was one of the hardest I have tried(7-8 hours). We brought a tent and slept in the middle of the landscape waking up to this breathtaking view (Campsite Near Trolltunga) The next day we walked another hour and finally reached our destination. This place is very known for tourists even though it takes a long time to get there, so my suggestion is to get there early if you want the perfect photos.

Norway, Kjeragbolten Trolltunga by Jonas Togo

Kjerag & Kjeragbolten

Kjerag is easier to hike, but also filled with tourists. Either go early for the sunrise or later for the sunset. When you reach the flat top, you have to go see kjeragbolten. A 3×3 meter big rock laying between two cliffs and a potential drop of 1 km. Try to find the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset, we got there around 3pm, but I would recommend another hour. If you have a drone, bring it! In front of Kjerag you see the river leading to Preikestolen, bring your car & take the ferry.

Norway, Preikestolen by Jonas Togo


This place is always filled with people. The Hike takes around 1-2 hours depending on your speed. At the top you have great opportunities playing with camera angles, either sitting on the edge or grabing your friends feet while looking at the view (Preikestolen) There is a campsite at the bottom of Preikestolen. Leaver your baggage there, so that you can hike lightweighted.

Norway, Preikestolen by Jonas Togo

If you want to see more by Jonas Togo go to jonastogo.com

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