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The “Mercato Centrale” in Rome, a new way to make food and speaking of taste

Esquilino’s buildings reflected in the window of one of the Central Market shops by Lucilla Loiotile

Since October there is a new place in Rome, where to buy, eat, drink and meet up at Termini, the main rail station, the most multicultural area of Rome, which until now was mostly synonymous with fast and cheap food and often decay.

The “Cappa Mazzoniana”, the huge structure of the 30s, renovated and visual focus of the market by Lucilla Loiotile

A place where to have a quick meal waiting for the train, for refreshment returning from a trip, where to buy good products that are not found anywhere else all together. For the residents and for the Romans who can opt for a night out.

For foreigners it will be an alternative to Eataly, a place where to learn about the most authentic Italian culinary traditions.

The cafe under the “Cappa Mazzoniana”, at the centre of the Market by Lucilla Loiotile

The brand new “Mercato centrale” (http://www.mercatocentrale.it/roma/) exports in Rome the successful experience of the Central Market of Florence, with a gastronomic offer of great quality and for all budgets with its 19 workshops, offering food of traditional Italian cuisine using only quality ingredients.

Bonci’s Bread and pizza by Lucilla Loiotile

The best artisans of the taste have been selected among the Roman territory with their local products, environmentally sustainable and which protect biodiversity.

The truffles’ shop by Lucilla Loiotile

Gabiele Bonci’s breads, pastries and pizza, Liberati’s meat, Galluzzi‘s fish, the cheeses of “Beppe e i suoi formaggi”, the “Trapizzini” (triangular pizza pockets, tramezzino shaped, stuffed with classic Roman sauces) the fried food, fresh pasta, Neapolitan pizza, the hamburger of Chianina meat, the truffles, the mushrooms and artichokes, ice cream, chocolate, Sicilians sweets …

Under the “Cappa Mazzoniana”, is located MondiCaffè, who created a unique blend of coffee for the market, and the alehouse.

The Chocolate shop by Lucilla Loiotile

On the first floor the starred restaurant of ‘Oliver Glowing’ who interprets the traditional Roman dishes and the pantry of Salvatore De Gennaro, for a moment of quality shopping.

The young chefs of the restaurant Glowig by Lucilla Loiotile

On the second floor the market will also host cultural events of various kinds, some of them will be  free. From issues related to the Cinema and Theater, to culinary training, to cooking classes, wine tasting, spaces for reading and relaxation.

Good food at all!


– High quality typical food;

– Local products;

– Very central position;

– Public transport served (A and B metropolitan line);

– Easy socialization place.


Mercato Centrale
via Giolitti, 36


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