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Surrounding Stockholm

Vaxholm Fortress Åsa Snitt

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, also called “The nordic Venice”.

It’s because the town is built on islands surrounded by lots of water and bridges.
You can take boat trips around the archipelago and see fantastic islands, places an boats.
We often take trips out in Stockholms archipelago visiting friends at their summerhouse. Sometimes we visit Vaxholm, a beautiful little town in the archipelago. Here you can stroll around , look in the small shops, eat some nice food by the harbour, and visit the Vaxholm Fortress museum.

Rålambshovsparken at Kungsholmen by Åsa Snitt

Every summer it’s strikes me that everything is so blue and green , the sky, water, trees, grass and even houses…

There are many wonderful parks around here and one of my favorite parks is Rålambshovsparken at Kungsholmen, where you can play boule at Boulebar and have a decent meal and drink at the same time.

There are several nice resturants along the promenade at Norr Mälarstrand, you can walk from the City hall to the park seeing nice old houses on one side and old and new boats and water on the other side.

Norr Mälarstrand by Åsa Snitt

On the other (north) side of Kungsholmen you can find another lovely promenade along the canal Karlbergskanalen!
Since I work close by, I often walk here on my lunchbreak and sit down for a while at the duckpond looking at ducks and of course the beautiful view… If you walk further down along the canal you will find the Karlbergs Castle.
You can keep on walking to Hornsbergs strand or take the subway (Blue Line 10 or 11) to Stadshagen and walk from there to Hornsberg and see a fairly new area with lots of nice restaurants and views.

Karlbergs Slott Castle in Stockholm by Åsa Snitt

Every summer I always visit Swedens two largest islands, Öland and Gotland.
At Öland, which is the second biggest island, we always rent a house for a week, actually the same house for several years because we love that place and area. It is very common here, that people rent other peoples summerhouses. But you can also stay in small hotels or guesthouses.
We stay on the north-west side of the island , it is very close to the sea, so here we can see amazing sunsets in the evenings.
During daytime we often visit a wonderful beach called Lyckesand, north of Böda sand. It’s a long beautiful sandy beach …

Sunset in Öland by Åsa Snitt

Gotland is Swedens largest island and I really love this place. You can go here by a boatferry or plane. We always go by boat so we can bring our car. We always borrow my auntie’s place at north of Gotland, also called the Stonecoast. It’s a beatiful place with a long beach where I love to take my morningwalks. It’s almost empty of people in the mornings and evenings.

Öland by Åsa Snitt

Every year we try to see some other places here, and this year we went to Bungenäs, an old limestone mine. Such a beautiful place in it’s special way. My aunt’s husbands grandfather lived and worked here and now they made his old home to a restaurant, a really nice one. There are several places where you can eat, and even stay for a day or two.

Northern Gotland by Åsa Snitt
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