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Paris and not only

by Tokhtabaeva Injilla  from Russia

Before a travel it is possible to outline the approximate plan of places which you would like to visit. Interesting places can easily be found in the Internet and in Instagram. It is also good to make foot walks to find something interesting most. Personally I always combine the plan with walks. Be not afraid to leave the central streets on small streets,  can be much more interesting there, and on the card and the navigator it is always possible to find a way back or to leave to the next metro station. I don’t like to use a taxi and escort of the guide (only in the most exceptional cases),  I like to use public transport more, so you merge with locals and already not so strongly feel as the tourist.
And now several my interesting places.
1. Shakespeare and Company
In this shop it’s possible not only to buy modern and antiquarian books, but it also still is “shelter” for many writers (the idea and first “Shakespeare” belonged to the writer Silvia Bich in 1921). The writers who have arrived to Paris behind search of inspiration and experiencing financial difficulties can stop here for little time. The only condition for a lodging for the night – to write on an hour a day and to read, daily, one book.
The four “Shakespeare & Co” bookstores in New York City, which opened starting in 1981, are not affiliated with the Paris store.
2. Café de Flore
Just my favorite cafe.
Interesting fact:
During the Second world war, the “Flore”, famous for the fact that with a total deficit of products in her diet always had fresh eggs. Still, eggs are a special section of the menu.
3. Rue des Thermopyles
One of the most beautiful streets of Paris. Houses not exceeding 3 storeys, encircled by the wild grapes and wisteria. Street des Thermopyles is a small piece of the village in Paris: 280 meters fresh air and tranquility.
Métro: Pernety.
4. Le Café Marly
A chic restaurant with beautiful terrace, placed under the arcades of the Louvre Museum, in front of the pyramid Peï.
I don’t like mushrooms, but the truffles were amazing.

5. Rouen

Rouen is considered to be the pearl of Northern France with incredible architecture and rich past, because it was here, in the Old Market Square, Jeanne d’Arc was executed. Rouen served as a source of inspiration for many artists: Gustave Flaubert wrote “Madame Bovary” here, and Claude Monet created a famous series of impressionistic landscapes. In Rouen, the magical atmosphere of the Middle Ages. When you get there, you immediately mix into another world, at another time. The streets and houses are amazing, especially striking their inclination.

6. Honfleur

This city is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Normandy. Honfleur visiting card is an old port. But most of all I liked the narrow streets with interesting houses, where one house is not like the another. Also there are a lot of small and cozy shops with different things, so you need more than one hour to be able to see everything here.
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