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London “turbo trip”

by Zofia Krepsztul from Poland

London, Big Ben by Zofia Krepsztul

London is one of the largest European cities. Is then a three day trip enough to get to know the city’s vibe and culture? I believe it is! However, if you want to succeed, you need to do your research right and buy a pair of comfy shoes.

London, Peggy Porsches Cafe by Zofia Krepsztul

When you already land in London (whether it’s Luton or Stansted) you need to get to the city centre. And here you have a few options to choose from, but taking a bus is the cheapest one. They depart frequently, and if you book in advance, you’ll pay as little as for a Mc Donald’s lunch, since the prices start from 1,95.

London, view from Sky Garden Tarrace by Zofia Krepsztul

If you choose to use public transport in the city (which I recommend), you’ll need  to purchase a ticket. We chose the TravelCard, the 24h ticket including:

-London Underground

-National Rail Trains

-The Docklands Light Railway


as well as the ride with the famous red double dockers 🙂

It is obvious that when in London you need to see Big Ben, The Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge. Here I will tell you about 5 other places that I really enjoyed!

London, red buses Oxford-Street by Zofia Krepsztul

Leadenhall Market

I guess every fan of the Harry Potter series will go straight to Platform 9 3/4. However, let’s not forget there are more places where magic Harry wandered around, and one of them is Leadenhall Market. It is one of the oldest markets in London, dating back to the 14th century. It’s really breath taking and make you feel like you’ve juts travelled in time.

London, Leadenhall Market by Zofia Krepsztul

St. James Park

After a few hours of intense sightseeing, this park turned out to be a perfect spot for a small break.

In the park there is a St. James’ Park Lake with two small islands: Duck Island and West Island. You can see lots of cute ducks, squirrels and even pelicans!

The Blue Bridge offers spectacular views across St James’s Park like Horse Guards Parade, Big Ben and the London Eye.

The short break in this marvellous park charges your batteries for more sightseeing, as Buckingham Palace is just few minutes walk from there.

London, duck in St James Park by Zofia Krepsztul

Sky Garden

You don’t need to spend lots of cash and spend hours standing in line to the London Eye to see the city view.  Sky Garden is a 35 storey building where you can do it for free! However, you need to remember to book your trip online in advance:

Before rushing to see the breath taking views you’ll need  to present your ticket and ID, as wells as to scan your belongings just like at the airports. Luckily, that only takes around few minutes, and then you’re free to enjoy the Sky Garden.

The inside looks just like a botanic garden, with plenty of beautiful plants and flowers. From the terrace you can enjoy the views, and if you feel like celebrating this moment with a coffee and slice of cake, there is a cosy coffee bar to do so.

London, Baker Street by Zofia Krepsztul

Peggy Porshen Cakes

This is the café that, according to the Vanity Fair magazine, sells ’’the best cup cakes in the world’’. It not only looks beautiful outside, but once you get in…you’ll never want to leave. It has a fairy tale like interior and those cup cakes make it a place you just can’t miss! Not mentioning that pictures of these goodies will leave your Instagram followers hungry!

And speaking of pink stuff I also recommend the cutest door on Trevor Square.

London, pink door on Travor Square by Zofia Krepsztul

 Baker Street

Knocking to the door of Sherlock Holmes was a fantastic experience (if you’re a fan- and I am!). We knocked late at night so no one opened, but we got ourselves a consolation pint in a pub nearby 🙂

If you’re a museum fan, the good news is that most of them offer free entry.

To sum up: Three days in London is enough to simply fall in love with it, but you just need to try it yourself… 🙂

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