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Let’s Get Lost in Chesseland aka Switzerland

by Patricia Nunes  from Portugal

So, I went to Switzerland for the third time now, in January. What can I say? This beautiful country just touched my heart right from the begin! Here I gave you some TOPs of what you should definitely visit, eat and know!

Switzerland, Panoramic view over Gruyères by Patricia Nunes


Gruyères Castle

This is a huge 4 in 1! If you go to Gruyères Castle you can visit H.R. Giger Museum – and let me say this: it’s an amazing museum!! – the Castle itself, a bar wich is decorated inspired in H.R. Giger art and also a Tibetan museum! Want more reasons to go? What if I tell you that you will have an amazing panoramic view over the city itself? Breathtaking views, close to mountains and a peaceful place with fresh air and sun!

Switzerland, HR Giger Museum by Patricia Nunes

So, if you are a science fan and like interactive stuff, well, Technorama may be your «paradise on earth»! All the museum is interactive and you better go there from the open hour ‘cause I can assure that you will spend all the day there and don’t even notice! They even have a electricity show with some explosions! A must watch.

San Bernardino Mountain
We’ve been at german swiss part, but we also wanted to visit the italian part. So, we picked up a car and go straight to San Bernardino’s – huge – Mountain! This mountain is like a border between both sides. And the best thing of this? It’s free and you will be surrounded by nature all the time, gifted with amazing views.

Switzerland, in the middle of San Bernardino by Patricia Nunes

This little city is absolutely adorable! With lots of shops, restaurants and bars/coffee shops, you can do a shopping day without need to go to a shopping mall surrounded by an amazing colorful view! And you can surely expect different kinds of shops! If you want to eat, I absolutely recommend you Stars & Stripes restaurant. It’s an american thematic restaurant and if you go on sundays you have a late brunch where you pay cheap and you can eat all the food you want between 11a.m and 2p.m, and if you are lucky, you can even enjoy your meal in a thematic room (jail decor)! It’s pretty amazing.

Snow, the second middle name of Switzerland by Patricia Nunes


So, do you like slide & splash kind of thing? Swimming? Pools in general, just to chill? Well, if you do, this place is absolutely for you. With 4 outside hot swimming pools, one inside with artificial waves (big ones) and 10 different slides, you can surely pass one entire day partying and not even notice! Time flies over there, and so do you (kind off). But make sure you notice which level of difficulty each slide are, or you can have a little heart attack if you are not expecting that kind of badass slide!

Switzerland, lost pine cons in San Bernardino Mountain by Patricia Nunes


I mean, I don’t even like cheese when I first went to Switzerland… But now, all I wanna eat when I go there are cheese plates and Raclette is one of my favorites! You put your meat cooking in one of those electric portable stove and your cheese melt under your meat. Meanwhile you can start prepare your potatoes and sauces and when your meat is cooked and your cheese m elted, just put the cheese on top of your potatoes and voilá, you have an amazing meal in front of you!

(I told ya, all I want to eat now is cheese!) This is divine! The most famous plate of Switzerland. Just eat your melted cheese (it’s better if you prepare it at home but you can purchase it at supermarket already prepared to eat or, you can simply go to a restaurant) with pieces of bread – you can add some fruits too, it tastes magnificent – and enjoy the flavours take control of your whole senses. It’s even more perfect if you eat at Winter.

Hard to believe, but there is no cheese in this one! Just lot of different meats – even horse meat! I don’t even know that horse meat is a thing until I went to Switzerland – cooking in front of you and providing you the most tasteful smells and flavours on earth.

(Photo 6 here – At the bottom of Sant Bernardino Mountain) WHAT TO EXPECT FROM SWISS CITIZENS

  • –  Open mind;
  • –  Calm & Discret;
  • –  They will know that you are a tourist but they will great you (always) anyway, as ifyou aren’t;
  • –  They look intimidating but they are a really lovely kind of human;
  • –  Once you start talking to them, probably they will talk to you with lots of enthusiasmand even recommend you some places to visit!;
  • –  Very diverse people.
Switzerland, Vilter-Wangs, Graunbünden by Patricia Nunes


  • –  Switzerland translate everythin!! I mean, even tea names!;
  • –  It is unusual to have lunch. Usually you have a brunch in the morning and then adinner;
  • –  You have different types of greatings for different hours of the day. For example: guteNacht (good night) you only say when you are ready to go to sleep. Before that youjust use «guten Abend»;
  • –  Buses stops in every stop station. You don’t need to make a sign so they stop foryou;
  • –  Bars close very early. I mean, in Portugal you can dance all night long, bars are openuntil 3a.m and some discos until 6/7a.m so we are used to a different kind of nights!;
  • –  You won’t see abandoned animals on streets;
  • –  It just takes 4 hours to go from one point to another of Switzerland.
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