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What to do in Valencia

I’m María and I’m from Valencia which is a wonderful city on the Mediterranean coast in Spain.
The city is full of history but at the same time it’s really modern and there are so many places to visit. I’m sure that if you come to Valencia, you will fall in love with her.
One of my favorites places in Valencia is City of Arts and Sciences. It’s a beautiful complex devoted to arts and sciences with a really modern architecture.

L’Hemisfèric, City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia by Maria Haya

In this area you can do many things like to visit Sciences museum, to watch a film in the L’hemisfèric i-max cinema, to visit L’oceanogràfic (one of the biggest aquarium of Europe) or just to admire the architecture walking around and taking a lot of pictures because the place it’s really amazing. Usually many people sit on the grass in front of City of Arts and Sciences and have a nice time talking or having a picnic. Besides, if you want party there is a cool club in the City of Arts and Sciences called L’Umbracle (in spring and summer) and Mya (in Autumn and Winter).

There is a great beach in Valencia called Malvarrosa which is relatively close to the city center (around 25 minutes by public transport). Personally speaking, I like so much that beach since the atmosphere is nice and quite. Moreover, in summer the zone is full of life, there are a lot of people and night life is pretty active owing to there are so many clubs around.

Playa de la Malvarrosa, Valencia by Maria Haya

Another nice place to visit is Port of Valencia and his Marina Real, an old industrial place reconverted in high quality public space. This port is one of the most importants ports around Spain and it’s near Malvarrosa beach (are next to each other). You can take a boat and walk around then you can to contemplate the views. Sometimes, I like to skate around this area and to watch the sunset, it’s very nice!

Puerto de Valencia by Maria Haya

Formerly, Valencia was a walled city and Serrano’s Towers were one of the twelve gates that had the city. Actually, it’s nice walking around this area because it’s amazing to see the valencian gotic style and to discover the magical history that surrounds this city. Moreover, if you walk further down, very close to Serrano’s Tower is Carmen’s neighborhood, which is the old town full of Street art and so many clubs and restaurants where you can have a dinner or lunch.

Carmen’s neighborhood is my favorite place for to hang out with friends in the night because there are so many people and things to do. I suggest Fox Congo, Bolseria or Radio City if you want to have a good time partying and listening good music.

Torres de Serranos, Valencia by Maria Haya

At city southern is located L’Albufera de Valencia which is one of the biggest lagoos on the Mediterranean coast. L’Albufera is a natural park which have a big importance on the international panorama owing to his enormous biodiversity. You can take a boat and to walk around and to see the vegetation and animal fauna. Sunset in this place it’s amazing and you can take really cool pictures.

In the city center you can see the awesome city hall of Valencia. Once in a while I like so much to visit it and to go up to the city hall balcony and to enjoy the views of Plaza del Ajuntamiento.

Lalbufera, Valencia by Maria Haya

You can’t to leave Valencia without to taste our most famous local food which is called Paella Valenciana. The original recipe contain just rice, chicken and vegetables. I have to tell that it’s my favorite food so I just can to say; it’s a delicious and yummy food!

Paella Valenciana by Maria Haya
  • Lisa Christensen
    Posted at 18:32h, 23 novembre Rispondi

    I love this text so much! I really want to go back to Valencia again, it’s a beautiful city that just needs to be seen!

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