Hoboh - Girona's Old Quarter, Barri Vell
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Girona’s Old Quarter, Barri Vell

by Carina Parramon from Catalonia

St Felix by Carina Parramon

Girona is a city located at approximately 100km from Barcelona, at 30min driving from Costa Brava.The most visited part in Girona city itself is its historic centre, called “Barri Vell” (Old Quarter in catalan). The old narrow streets, the squares and its historic buildings next to the river make the Barri Vell the most charming place in the city, where you will be able to spot some scenarios of Game of Thrones or the film The Perfume, among others.

Paper Bridge by Carina Parramon

The Old Quarter streets are mainly pedestrian, which makes its streets the perfect place to go for a quiet walk and discover its most relevant places:The Rambla is a wide pedestrian street, sorrounded by trees, with bars, restaurants and shops. You should really see it, stop at the Tourism Office located in this street, and have a warm coffee while you check the places you want to visit.

Inside Cathedral during Temps de Flors by Carina Parramon

It is a great idea to explore the narrow streets in the heart of the old quarter. The Jewish quarter is a small quarter inside the old quarter, where you can visit the Jewish Museum of Girona, as they have an important role in the history of the city. If you visit the city during the celebration of “Temps de Flors” (april-may, depending on the year) you will be able to visit a lot of private houses, which belonged to Jewish people, and that are open exclusively during this event.The Sant Domènec Rise is a small place, but it is a must see: it appears in some films and series. It is a very romantic place with a small restaurant if you want to eat.

Eiffel Bridge by Carina Parramon

Also make sure to walk along Ballesteries street, where you will find a lot of small, colorful shops selling all kind of souvenirs and objects: mostly handmade. There are also some cafes where you will be able to drink something by the river.The Força Street is a rise that will take you to the feet of the Cathedral: an imposing building worth admiring it. If you have the opportunity, you can buy a ticket and visit it. Some Game of Thrones were filmed in its surroundings.

Sant Domenec by Carina Parramon

If you wish to see the city from another perspective you can go for a walk on the Old city Wall: you will have the Old Quarter on your feet. It’s a short walk, of 30 minutes approximately, and you will enjoy very nice views.

Independence Square by Carina Parramon

One of the most famous bridges in Girona is the Eiffel Bridge. Made in red painted iron, you will enjoy maybe the most famous view of Girona: the houses over the Onyar river. All these houses are painted in different colors, and they make a really charming landscape.

Houses over Onyar by Carina Parramon

After your adventure in Girona Old Quarter you may be hungry. Independence square is the best choice at this point: under the arches surrounding all the square you will find plenty of restaurants, offering different kinds of food: from tapas, to traditional food, not forgetting veggie food.

Girona Skyline by Carina Parramon

Did you enjoy your visit? If the answer is yes, do not forget to visit El Cul de la Lleona (The Lioness’ Bottom), at the feet of St Fèlix church. The legend says that if you want to come back to Girona you have to kiss the Lioness’ bottom, so do not forget to pay her a visit!

Cul de la Lleona by Carina Parramon
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