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Explore Barcelona

by Nicola Carloni  from Italy

And here I am, getting ready for another adventure. This time, I am going to fly with my family. I love so much spending time with my mother and father, bonding with my little sister, have fun together and take selfies and photos.

It’s 6.00am, we are at the airport. Destination? Barcelona, Spain. I have never been there. I am so excited and thrilled. There will be so much things to do and see and I’m worried that 5 days will not be enough (but I will then find out that they are sufficient). In the plane, I am sitting next to my sister. 3.. 2.. 1.. go. Follow my 5 fundamental rules to enjoy your time in Barcelona and not missing anything.

Barcelona by Nicola Carloni


I went to Barcelona in May and the temperature was perfect. Windy and warm. Be sure to bring with you comfy shorts and t-shirts to visit and walk the all day (if you don’t go fast, you will never see anything Barcelona has). Be sure to have with you a hat because it will be sunny. By night, the perfect outfit is a chemise with long trousers and a jacket because at night there’s a cold wind. Be sure to have your camera or iPhone with your charger ready in every moment because even the not-important buildings are magnificent. Barcelona doesn’t have any typical shops but there are lots of clothes and shoes shops so it will not be a problem if you forget something.

Barcelona by Nicola Carloni


Well, my family and I sleep in an hotel next to the city centre. I think it is the best choice to stay in Barcelona. Apartments are not so comfortable and sometimes they are not enough wiped and cleaned up. Also, you can ask the concierge where go eating during the day with affordable prices or what are the most traditional places to visit (in order to take some very special photos). Nevertheless, Barcelona has a well-organized public transports so if you pick an hotel or apartment far from the city centre you can easily reach it.

Barcelona by Nicola Carloni


Let’s start from the most known and famous place to see in Barcelona, I mean Sagrada Familia is a huge church and an explosion of colours; you just can’t believe how Gaudì came up with this non-finished project (guys it’s breath-taking). Also, you don’t want to lose the entrance to Park Güell, another stunning work by Gaudì. Other must-sees are the cathedral of the city, La Rambla (to walk and shop), which is maybe the most famous street in Spain, and the two of the strangest and most particular houses in the world; Casa Battlò and Casa Milà.

If you want to be immersed in the city and be inspired by the Spanish atmosphere you have to visit the Boqueria open-market, where you can taste and eat some typical Spanish food dipped in the old part of the city surrounded by millions of people who chat, eat and work there (it’s similar to the typical Arabic market). Also, if you want to shop but at the same time keep your traveling spirit on, the only place to go is the Encants Vells, the biggest and most ancient market in Europe where you can find everything you need at a low price, developed in three floors.

Barcelona by Nicola Carloni


After italian food, Spanish food is my favourite. At lunch (be careful because Spanish people eat at 2pm or even later) there’s only one thing to do: go eat tapas. Tapas are appetizers that Spanish eat for lunch. They are quick, fast and cheap (it’s like a happy hour but for having lunch). For dinner, on the other hand, you can sit in a restaurant on the seaside and taste paella, which is rice and meat or fish all put together, or you can eat some exceptional pescado fished the same day by the Spanish fish men.

Barcelona by Nicola Carloni


We all know that Spain is one of the craziest and party lover country of the world. Barcelona is plenty of clubs and pubs. You can choose to be at a huge party in Opium or Shoko (beautiful clubs) or choose to do a wild walk through the pubs and bars in the city centre. Of course, there are also some amazing clubs at the beach to party all night; during summer you can’t miss them!

Barcelona is a must-see summer destination; you just don’t want not going there. You will be attracted and excited to do a bunch of activities by day and night. Please don’t think about it anymore.

Pack, book the flight and leave!

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