Hoboh.net - Edinburgh: A weekend in Scotlands historic capital
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Edinburgh: A weekend in Scotlands historic capital

by Milan Nandha  from United kingdom

Living in London is great but sometimes it can get pretty hectic and stressful. That’s why this month I decided to take a little break and head north to Scotland’s picturesque, hilly capital.

I’ve traveled to so many places around the globe but this is practically on my doorstep and I’d never been so I thought I’d take a flight and see what the city has to offer.

Upon arrival, a short tram ride takes you into the heart of the city which is split into two districts; old town and new town. The old town is full of beautiful preserved medieval architecture, whereas New town is mostly Georgian era townhouses and neo-classical architecture. This striking contrast is clearly visible but it’s part of what makes the city so special. In fact, the city of Edinburgh is a UNESCO world heritage site because of this.

Dean Village

Dean or Dene is a little village within Edinburgh that has been known to have been around since at least 1145. Historically a grain milling area, this quiet suburb is a beautiful location definitely worth visiting for its historically preserved looks.

The Whiskey Experience

I went on a tour through one of the world’s largest whiskey collections and was given a lesson in the history, processes, and flavors of whiskey. Even better, at the end of the tour, we were given complimentary glasses of whiskeys to try. We even got to keep the glasses, so no complaints here!

Edinburgh Castle

This is a must-see if you ever visit Edinburgh. Full of history, great views, and great exhibits. If you have as active an imagination as I do, walking through this amazing fortress is sure to be a highlight.

National Museum of Scotland

A fantastic museum, especially if you have kids. Really interactive and lots of interesting exhibits. Particularly interesting to me was the unique architecture inside. Parts of the museum looking like an old mall and subtly transitioning into a modern labyrinth.

Edinburgh by Milan Nandha
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