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A little guide for travellers

Being a traveller isn’t easy at all, especially the first few times. So it’s always useful to have some tips by others travellers:

1. Try to make a schedule.
Having a schedule may seems boring, but it could help you to enjoy your travel way more than you could ever think. Organize your day, write down the things you want     to do and the places or the attractions you want to visit.
If you are a latecomer, take this tip in mind.

Photo  by Samuel Chidini

2. Use food guides.
Trying new restaurants is always exciting – who doesn’t enjoy eating? – but sometimes your sixth sense can lead you to a real disaster. If you don’t mind about the price or the quality of the food, you can just try and hope for the best. But if even one single meal can ruin your mood, you better consult a food guide.
If you don’t have one, try to ask for someone’s advice. Locals could suggest you really nice places where to eat.

Photo  by Samuel Chidini

3. Take time for yourself.
Travelling means to discover new things, to improve yourself but also to relax.
More than one time I’ve found myself running up and down the streets trying to see as many things as possible, ending up exhausted at the end of the day. Relaxing will help you to recharge yourself and to live your travel in a different way.
So, during the day, just stop and have a coffee or a traditional beverage at a local café.

Photo  by Samuel Chidini

4. Bring with you just the necessary.
You’re going for a travel, you’re not doing a relocation. Don’t bring with you four pairs of high heels, your entire collection of ties, ten books and all those stuffs you think you can’t live without: you won’t use it. Bring just the essential, because during your trip you will buy souvenirs and maybe clothes also.

Photo  by Samuel Chidini

5. Speak with the locals.
Travelling is awesome not only for the things you see or do, but also for the people you meet. It’s very pleasant to have a chat with the locals, the old ones are the best: probably they will tell you about their lives, about the story of the place your visiting and if you are very lucky they will offer you a beverage.
In all my travels I’ve met amazing people, I still write to some of them in special occasion. So don’t be shy.

Photo  by Samuel Chidini

6. Explore.
Don’t follow the crowd, particularly if you are travelling in a sea place. Crowded beaches are always dirtier than others, so try to find a beach – hidden ones are the best – where are few people. Bring with you food, lots of water and things that keeps you hydrated in case of needing, because usually this kind of beaches are far away from café or shops.
Don’t be scared about exploring, it will lead you to the best places.

Photo  by Samuel Chidini

7. Take pictures.
Take pictures, not just selfies. Your memory won’t last forever, and one day you will regret not to have taken pictures of the place you have visited.
If you own a reflex or a digital camera, take pictures with these and not with your phone, because in case you want to print it you will have a better result.

Photo  by Samuel Chidini

8. Hand luggage: your best friend.
Take always with you a hand luggage with inside all the necessary for surviving one or two days  in case your main baggage goes lost during the flight. It doesn’t happen very often, but a real traveller must be prepared for everything!

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Posted at 06:20h, 03 gennaio Rispondi

    Quiet helpful!

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