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Discovery Iceland: The land of Ice and Fire

by Nastya Kaerfkrahs  from Russia

Glacial river lagoon by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

II tried to plan my trip to this mysterious isle for a couple years, cause the flight and especially living there is expensive.

Reykjavik by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

So the first if you want visit Iceland, invite your friends; in total it should be 2-4 people. It’s much easier to save money on the vehicle (rent one car and share expenses with friends) and it’ll be great to make camping together anywhere you want.

Iceland by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Good time to travel: June, July, August. Iceland is beautiful in all seasons but in summer it’s less rainy days and temperature is around 15-23℃ in day and 5-7℃ at night. It’s high season, so book all in advance (hotel, car, camping, etc).

Unbelievable colors of moss by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Before planing your trip you need to know that in Iceland there are lots of warm natural swimming pools. So if you’re tired after driving you can stop and refresh in such centres. Check the locations in advance.

Icelandic turf houses by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

First day stay in Reykjavik, rent car and then go to the nearest big supermarket to buy all stuff for camping. Buy all you need (If you have your own sleeping bag or tent: bring it with you to Iceland. If no it’s really not so expensive and we bought all stuff in one store).

Iceland roads by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Don’t forget the most important thing – barbecue grill! You can find it in the same store (it’s very simple and really helpful). Grill is good cause in Iceland you can find fresh delicious fish everywhere and make a great lunch or dinner.

Road through the island by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Next 2-6 days you can travel around and enjoy amazing nature. Lots of people say that you need go around the island, but listen to me, rent 4×4 car and go through the isle. More details and map you can find here: kaerfkrahs.com.

Moss is growing along the river by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

While you’ll be on the road in the middle of island, make sure you charge all your cameras or take with you some solar charger, cause there is no one there. Only one house right in the middle with some spots for sleep and relax (feels more like gamekeeper house). And take enough food and water, we crossed this empty road in two days.

Waterfalls everywhere by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

That gravel road through the Iceland is earth-shattering! Palette of the environment goes quickly from very vivid to a rare pale mood, and shadows from clouds change that view every minute: you’ll be amazed for sure.

Our place for camping by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

So we went from Reyjavik to another side of the island Husavik – It is a centre of whale watching in Iceland due to whales of different species that frequently enter the bay. After whales we had a lunch and one of the locals told us about a nice secret route through the mysterious fields (more here: kaerfkrahs.com/iceland ).

Namaskard Pass by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

The places you need to see:

In 50 min drive from Húsavík lies canyon Ásbyrgi. The horseshoe-shaped, 3.5 km in length and 1.1 km across.

Isafjordur by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Fore sure go to this place: Námaskarð Pass. Námaskarð Pass is an area of geothermal activity and offers boiling mud pools in various colours and amazing surroundings.

Vigor Island by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Road #1 is very mysterious especially near Lagarfljót lake, in the east of Iceland. There are a lot of waterfalls and charming fog. Feeling that you are in Jurassic Park movie.

Colorful mountains by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Choose any big glacier and go there to see it. The glaciers and ice caps of Iceland cover 11.1% of the land area and many of them lie above volcanoes. If any volcano wakes up, first all will be flooded and then lava hello…

Landscape by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Anyway I’m sure that any road you’ll go it’ll be staggering trip. Iceland is so unique and inspiring! And there are plenty of amazing destinations and sightseeing.


Husavik whale whatching by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Go to Landmannalaugar – colorfull mountains. Fabulous place, famous for its hiking trails.It’s a big camping over there (check it online). Spend from 1-4 days there, and go to a hicking. Also there are natural geothermal hot springs where you can swim and relax.

(More here: kaerfkrahs.com/landmannalaugar)

Glacial by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Go to the Vestmannaeyjar island – it is terrific! (but book all in advance, remember that summer is a high season). I spent there two days, and take a tour on a boat around the island. Very beautiful isle with plenty of other islands like Bjork Island.

Pingvellir by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

There is a flight from Reykjavik to Isafjörður, it’s about 45 min. I landed there in the morning and went back to Reykjavik in the evening.Buy a tour in Isafjörður to see the Fjords and the small Vigur Island.

(More here: kaerfkrahs.com/icelandic)

Glacier by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

After a week in Iceland, and after our trip through island, I wanted to see some of the north part, I had only two weeks, so decided to start with the town of fjords. Ísafjörður – mean ice fjord.

Lake Porisvatn by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Þingvellir is a site of historical, cultural, and geological importance. It lies in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Blue Lagoon! It’s not far from Reyjavik – natural spa.

Road through the island by Nastya Kaerfkrahs

Jökulsárlón – Glacial river lagoon. It is large glacial lake in southeast Iceland. Situated at the head of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, it developed into a lake after the glacier started receding from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

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