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Discovery California

by Nuno Moita from Portugal

Bay by Nuno Moita

California is one of the 50 states of the United States of America, this state is known mainly for its 4 largest cities, Los Angels, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego.

After a few months planning the trip in detail, the big day arrived, I caught the flight in Porto (Portugal) with Turkish Airlines, towards Turkey where we would stop and spend the night there. With much regret I did not have time to visit Turkey, a place that aroused some curiosity, but who knows later it will be a place that I will visit.

From Istanbul we flew to San Francisco Airport where two of my friends were there waiting for me. They live Near the city of San Francisco, in the city of San Mateo, they are Portuguese like me but have been to California live for a few years. Because there is a big time difference, 8 hours from my country, we went home to rest.


Once the energy was recovered, it was time to put the bag on our backs and to know a little then, we left for the city that most wanted to know, San Francisco. The expectations were high and materialized if the city was magnificent.

I soon surrendered to the great friendly traders from shops, cafes, bars and the like, they treat people so tenderly that any tourist who has any shame was soon will. Being a city free of prejudice, people did not care what you wore, let alone the race you were, they accepted you regardless of how you were.

There was a wide variety of places to eat, which was good for me as a food lover. From Mexican to more typical American food (Fast Food).

Santa Monica Beach by Nuno Moita

The prices were like in all places, there was from the cheapest to the most expensive, but in my opinion it was easily easy to find a good place to eat without having to pay a lot.

Due to being close to San Francisco I stayed there for another two or three days to get to know the city that I loved so much. I love photography as I am, San Francisco is great, it has great places to photograph.

Six Flags by Nuno Moita

What to do in San Francisco:

– We can not miss the magnificent Golden Gate, although in mid-summer it is almost always covered with fog, but even so it is a place to visit.

– Visit Dolores Park, a very famous park between the local community and tourists, mostly composed of turf.

– Twin Peaks, at the top of this hill we have a privileged view of the city of San Francisco, and only here we can realize its real dimension.

– Alamo Square Park and the Painted Ladies, if you are a movie fan you can not miss this place because it is a place that is well known to lovers of the seventh art.

– Stroll along the bay that is presented to us by local shops.

Yosemite Valley by Nuno Moita

More towards the end of the first week we drove to Yosemite. Despite being far the way there was fantastic because we could see the rough pastures which made the trip less exhausting. We had the habit of stopping at stations to eat and always bought some souvenirs.

We arrived in Yosemite same time for lunch, it was full of people it was the last week of July you would not expect anything else. We were quite surprised because it was a very strong heat, going to us based on the information we are looking for, in warm clothes. Yosemite dominates with its fantastic greens and its high mountains.

Clearly it is another great place to take pictures, to date, to be with friends, to make walks and of course to meet people, because everyone is very sociable.

Yosemite walk by Nuno Moita

What to See in Yosemite:

Upper Yosemite Falls.

– Half Dome

– Glacier Point

– Toulumne Grove

– Toulumne Meadows

Tenaya Lake

After a few days, we planned another long-distance car trip, the destination would be Los Angels. As the trip was made by car we took advantage of knowing a little of the Californian coast, passing through small but super cozy cities like Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. After 8 hours of travel with a spectacular view, we arrive at the destination. In my opinion it is quite unlike anything you have visited so far, it is tourists everywhere. In the street the salesmen face you and try to sell their product to all the force, but well, they are already more than used to hearing a no. Unfortunately in LA you see many without shelters and to make great contrast to it all the time you see millions cars passing by you. It is certainly a place of rich people, because the hotels there were always full being them hotels in which you pay 150 dolars per night to hotels that pay thousands. What I liked the most was without a doubt the beach, it is fantastic, people are seen everywhere to do physical exercise, skateboarding, cycling, skates and everything else. It is to be envious that most people are in excellent physical shape.

Road to Yosemite by Nuno Moita

Things to do in Los Angeles:

– Walk of Fame

– Chinese Theater

– Hollywood Sign

– Beverly Hills

– Griffith Observatory

– Santa Monica

In my last days of travel, we went to Las Vegas, it was impossible to go to America without knowing Vegas. I went on to say that it is a world apart, which looks like a city in the middle of nowhere full of hotels and casinos where there is practically movement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s good for those who like parties and try their luck at the casino, even I thought they had not left there with 50 dolars.

Standford University by Nuno Moita

Things to do in Las Vegas:

– visit the Grand Canyon

– High Roller

– Bellagio Fountains

– Fremont Street

— I advise you to make this trip and of course it is with time I went two weeks without counting the hours of travel and could not see everything I wanted, but I could see that everything I saw is fantastic. I leave there with desire to return and visit even more.

Santa Monica Bay by Nuno Moita
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