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Discover Birmingham

by Osa Mensah  from United Kingdom

Birmingham, inside Grand Central by Osa Mensah

Let’s be true for a second, I can’t really deny the fact that Birmingham has its own beauty from the people to its architectural style. This was my first visit, I had no idea if it was worth going or not by I absolutely enjoyed both sides of my experience. I mean the good and the bad.

Birmingham, outside Grand Central by Osa Mensah

So, I am pretty sure most people book for their transports way too early to get a cheaper price when travelling and I think this is a general thing everyone does really but guess what, I didn’t. I booked my ticket that night and sure you probably done something similar before. Well I got my ticket at a cheap price but will advise that you should book your ticket early maybe you might get cheaper price than I did if you’re travelling there. You never know.

Birmingham, Radisson Blu Hotel by Osa Mensah

One of the first place I enjoyed going to was the Selfridges which is part of the Bullring Shopping centre. I ended spending most of my time there exploring and checking out the food hall and stuff. It was such a busy place with long queues mostly on the ground floor and you’ll see lots of people of people, I even tried getting a Gelato and was an absolute nightmare just because of the queue but bought the ice-cream eventually. The weather was in great mood and could not afford to not be outside and enjoy its glorious views.

Birmingham, Selfridges & Co by Osa Mensah

I’m sure once you get in you will want to go around every part of the building as there’s so much more your eye to see. It’s just felt like I had something to look at most of the time and am sure it’s a place you wouldn’t get tired. I remember there was even part of it that you could see through the glass look at the Grand Central which is very close to the Bullring shopping centre. Jumping from one place to the other and loved how close and connected they were. One of the architectural buildings I liked was the Radisson Blu hotel, it has some great and interesting features about it and really loved how it looked.

Birmingham, Selfridges Building by Osa Mensah

The inside of Grand central was just beautiful to watch, you will know if you are a type of person like me who just admires beautiful things and places that are worthwhile a visit.

Most of the people I met were very friendly like the Uber driver, he was very chatty, professional and he was very reluctant in answering many of my questions about the city. He even showed me which directions lead where and if I want to walk or get back to the city centre by bus.

Birmingham, trader at the fruit market by Osa Mensah

A walk back to the city wasn’t far from where I was and that took me less than half an hour. It was a good walk to be fair. Perhaps one would take an Uber or taxi back but I think the best and possible way to experience the Birmingham lifestyle and the city is when you walk through its alleys. Some of the alleys are so much quiet than some areas like with new apartments. On the other hand, places like the fruit market is really a loud environment yet you will see smiles on people’s faces because the summer vibes.

Birmingham, view over the city by Osa Mensah

Those I met and spoke there had good & genuine in intentions of my visit and that even made me feel comfortable holding my camera around them. There was this one guy I remember who asked me to take a picture of him while he was trying to buy some fruits. There were so many things going on which was fascinating to watch, the was another trader who was on Facebook live at that moment and he had quite a lot of views I supposed. It was so funny to watch him do it.

Birmingham, at the bullring shopping centre by Osa Mensah

My experience while in Birmingham has been a great one I suppose and making the decision to visit was worthwhile. Looking forward to visiting there again sometime soon and hopefully on my next visit there will be with someone from Birmingham so I can know and see more of the its hidden gems.

Birmingham, a walk around alleys in the city by Osa Mensah
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